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512 Brewing’s Pecan Porter Is Just Right

November 04, 2020

By Nathan Mattise, November 04, 2020

Over the last dozen years, Austin drinkers could reliably find one consistently delicious option at bars big and small, fancy and divey: 512 Brewing’s Pecan Porter. For a long time, this signature central Texas sip could only be found on tap. But like a caped crusader coming just in the knick of time, 512 Brewing released its first batches of bottled Pecan Porter in March.

Pecan Porter looks like liquid dark chocolate with a dollop of mocha-colored foam on top. Its aroma is equally alluring, with notes of chocolate, coffee, and a touch of malt. If that’s starting to sound too sweet or too heavy for your tastes, fear not—the brilliance of Pecan Porter is balance. 

Each sip reminds you of that as those same aromas hit your tongue along with nuttiness and a hint of plum. It’s creamy and indulgent, but not overly sweet or bitter. All the individual flavors are distinct but mild, which results in a beer you want to go back to again and again (which you can, since this is one season-agnostic porter).

By not making Pecan Porter a stout, 512 Brewing created a dark beer that’s not too dark. And by using pecans as the central flavor, this beer’s prominent chocolate and coffee aspects get mellowed and ultimately brilliantly blended. That’s a recipe for becoming the official unofficial beer of Austin.

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