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Allagash’s Two Lights Is a Better Brut Ale

July 30, 2019

By Jesse Bussard, July 30, 2019

I appreciate any brewer who likes to push boundaries. Now a 20-year veteran on the craft beer scene, Allagash Brewing Company is still doing just that. Its new experimental beer-wine crossover, Two Lights, is brewed with a combination of wine and beer ingredients, including a mixed culture of lager and champagne yeast strains as well as the addition of sauvignon blanc must. The resulting beer is, according to Allagash, meant to pay tribute to “two of the more refreshing drinks of summer: cold beer and sparkling wine.”

Appearance and Aroma

Out of the 16-ounce can, Two Lights pours a crystal clear, pale-straw color. As I pause to take in the beer’s aromatics, an off-white ample head disappears slowly, leaving a rim of foam hugging the sides of the glass. The smells of crackers, biscuit, white grapes, green pear, and light floral notes waft my way.

Two Lights reminds me of a strange combination of all of my favorite characteristics of a lager, brut ale, and white wine.”


I wasn’t sure what to expect with the flavor profile on this beer. What I got were notes of pear and white grapes. The fruity flavors were complemented by a soft malt profile and the subtle flavor of herbs and tropical fruit from the hops. Effervescent on the tongue, a taste of Two Lights ends with a clean, crisp finish and a tinge of white wine.


Two Lights reminds me of a strange combination of all of my favorite characteristics of a lager, brut ale, and white wine. It has the malt backbone I love in a light lager; the dry, crisp finish of a brut ale; and the slight fruitiness of white wine. It likely won’t be a frequent go-to for me, mostly because it’s not readily available in my home state of Montana, but it’s a beer worth trying if you stumble upon it.

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