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Terpy Galaxy Is Out of This World

June 25, 2020

By Jay C. Williams, June 25, 2020

Oklahoma's American Solera has established itself as one of America’s best breweries in just a  short time. Although it focuses on wild and sour ales, American Solera is no one-trick pony. It produces a wide array of beer styles including stouts, saisons and, of course, IPAs. Its Terpy series is a range of double IPAs, each made with a single hop variety. In this instance, it’s the Australian all-star, Galaxy. 

Right out of the can, Terpy Galaxy pours a light orange with a bright white head. The beer is hazy without being completely opaque like some New England IPAs. (Think smoggy Los Angeles versus fog-filled San Francisco.) The pungent aroma is dense and herbal with some citrus and tropical notes in the mix, all serving as a sort of preamble of the flavors to come. 

The first tastes follow the aforementioned dankness (a word that could use a better synonym) with grapefruit/citrus and strong “green” aromas, which quickly segue into pineapple, passion fruit, with some underlying lime zest. The pithy citrus backbone works in tandem to balance out any perceived sweetness from the juicier fruit notes. 

While there seems to be a never-ending wave of New England IPAs that may have started to all taste the same, give Terpy Galaxy a chance. As far as New England IPAs, or, in this instance, double IPAs go, it checks all the boxes and more. It’s an easy drinker that delicately juggles between tropical flavors and citrus bitterness. American Solera shows that, while it may live for the funk of its foeder-aged offerings, it can execute quite well on other styles. 

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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