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Say 'Aloha' to Avery’s Liliko’i Kepolo

August 03, 2018

By Tucker Anders, August 03, 2018

States don’t get much more land-locked than Colorado, but that didn’t stop Boulder-based Avery Brewing from channeling its aloha spirit with a Hawaiian-flavor-infused brew. Liliko’i Kepolo, which is Hawaiian for passion fruit devil, is a Belgian-style white ale that Avery tropical-izes with a heavy dose of passion fruit. A member of Avery’s year-round rotation, Liliko’i Kepolo feels much more summer beach sipper than Colorado winter companion. But that is kind of the point.


Liliko’i Kepolo pours a bright hazy orange that foreshadows the vibrant flavor spikes to come. Tiny bubbles form a white head that starts big but fades quickly, leaving very little sign it was ever there at all. Avery has recently undergone a redesign of its year-round offerings’ can art, and Liliko’i Kepolo benefits big time from the much cleaner and more modern motif.

An obvious summer drinker, Liliko’i Kepolo is like a tropical session sour mixed with a semi-neutral yeasted belgian white ale.”


The medium-strong aroma is dominated by belgian yeast—more clean than estery—while the coriander compliments and plays up on subsequent wafts over the glass. Hints of the coming tartness and the passion fruit addition float through to provide some brightness that helps balance the yeast and spice notes.


Liliko’i Kepolo flavor follows the aroma, but the tartness is much more pronounced and carries through each sip from start to finish. Sweet notes of passion fruit peek through the tartness over a super soft mouthfeel that keeps Liliko’i Kepolo highly quaffable. Coriander and yeast sneak in at the end to remind you this is, in fact, still a Belgian white ale. The beer finishes tart and light with a light orange linger. I love a beer that boasts multiple notes at a sessionable ABV, and Avery delivers that at a modest 5.4%.


Avery suggests on the can that the beer is tropical, juicy and tart, but Liliko’i Kepolo drinks more tart, juicy and tropical—with the first two descriptors carrying most of the weight. An obvious summer drinker, Liliko’i Kepolo is like a tropical session sour mixed with a semi-neutral yeasted belgian white ale. It’s a solid combination that deserves a try, regardless of the time of year.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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