Beer Experts Share Their Tried and True Hangover Cures

December 28, 2018

By October Staff, December 28, 2018

“Just one more beer.” These are the famous last words of the beer-drinker. Maybe you really did just have one too many or maybe you had more than one too many, either way, you’re feeling the pain the next day. Everyone has their own way of dealing with that sneaky beast known as the hangover, maybe it’s lying in bed until the pain goes away or dragging your useless body to the nearest greasy spoon. If anyone one knows how to cure a hangover it’s the people who make and serve the stuff that caused it. That’s why we asked five brewers, bartenders and even a beer concierge how they survive a night (and the following morning) of too much drinking.


"Our favorite cures for a hangover are: Bloody Marys and patty melts,” says  Samantha Lee, co-founders of Chicago’s Hopewell Brewing Company. “And playing Nintendo while drinking a bunch of water.” A little further south, at Against The Grain Brewing in Louisville, Kentucky, co-founder Sam Cruz uses a similar remedy. “Luckily for me, I have a restaurant that I can go to on the regular,” he says. “I know it’s pretty basic, but I'm going with tradition: A classic flat top grilled cheeseburger and fries are the best! We have the 'dirty burger' on our menu and it definitely has all the makings to have you forgetting your torid night of drinking. Wash that down with our renowned smokehouse bloody mary and you've got a great base for laying around, binge watching shows, and getting primed for the next evening of bad decisions.”

For my money nothing beats adequate nightmare-fueled sleep, a gallon of water in the morning, a cold shower, ten tacos, a liter of Hefeweizen, and some drinkable yogurt.”


“Here at Hotel Vermont we are strong believers in hair of the dog, but not too much hair, or dog,” says  Matt Canning, Hotel Vermont’s very own beer concierge. “A low-ABV beverage is a great way to re-awaken that good old feeling without putting you back to bed. Our Gose-Mimosa utilizes Lost Nation's tart wheat ale with salt and coriander in place of bubbly. At 4.5% ABV, this beer and juice elixir is a responsible answer to any hangover.” Add some water and a few tacos and you have a hangover cure tried and perfected by Drew Durish, the head brewer at The Brewer’s Table in Austin. “For my money nothing beats adequate nightmare-fueled sleep, a gallon of water in the morning, a cold shower, ten tacos, a liter of Hefeweizen, and some drinkable yogurt loaded with them beneficial gut-bacteria,” Durish says. “This is generally followed by a nap before noon.”


Longtime brewer Stephen Hale of Schlafly Beer recommends a two-part solution to keep hangovers at bay. Part one is prevention. “Citrus juice and aspirin before you go to bed,” he says. This is followed by a dose of BC Powder once the hangover has hit. “Sold wherever you buy headache cure things, I learned about this stuff many years ago, and it has never failed me,” Hale says. “I used to go hard core—for a bit of deserved punishment, I suppose—and put it under my tongue, wait a bit, then drink a lot of water, but now it goes on the tongue immediately followed by a lot of water.


If all else fails, sometimes the most painful hangover cure is the most effective. Enter Benjamin Pratt, partner at As Is craft beer bar in New York City. "I have a somewhat tried and true method for dealing with my hangovers,” Pratt says. “I'll drink a glass of Nuun, which is a dissolvable electrolyte formula for athletes that's great for rehydration. I then force myself to go on a run, usually six to seven miles, as a form of punishment. I always feel better after I run, no matter how much it sucks to get through." We might just have to take his word for that one.

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