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December 18, 2019

By October Staff, December 18, 2019

Instagram can be a dangerous place, one misstep and you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole of makeup tutorials and gender reveal videos. Have no fear, October is here to guide you through the vast chasm that is beer Instagram. Behold our favorite accounts for the beer, houseplant, and cute puppy-lover alike.


On January 1, 2019 Anthony Anderson and Nathan Haas took on a challenge: to draw a new beer can every day for 365 days. Their drawings, which live on the Instagram page Year of Beers, are inspired by some of their favorite beers—both on the inside and out—from Mikkeller’s Freddie Murkury to Hopewell’s Lil Buddy. Each post is a tribute to good label design as well as the artistic prowess of the duo, who turn them into true works of art.


Francesca Hathaway is obsessed with two things: beer and houseplants. The Pennsylvania native has a healthy collection of both, and shows them off on her Instagram page Pints with Plants. It’s your destination for Tired Hands scores and tips on keeping your Scindapsus pictus 'Argyraeus' happy. Who knew that plants and pints were such a perfect pairing?


It’s easy to forgive the fact that Beer Labels in Motion only posts once or twice a month, because each post is a labor of love. Graphic designers Trevor Carmick and Rob Reinders turn beer labels into moving works of art, from Rogue’s Outta Line with a flying penguin to Propeller Brewing Company’s Galaxy with, yes, a spinning propeller.


The premise at Dogs on Tap is pretty simple, take an adorable dog, pose it with a tasty beer, snap, post, and repeat. Catch Macaroni the Corgi sneaking a sip of a Cisco Grey Lady and Sir Barkington Woofsworth (AKA Barky) taking a bite out of a can of Tree House’s Autumn. The account was started in 2014 by Bethany Vinton, but dog-lovers around the world can contribute photos.


There are few people in the beer world who made more of a splash in 2019 than Beny Asburn and Teo Hunter. This year, the duo behind Dope & Dank announced plans to launch a craft beer brand and brewery Crowns & Hops. Give them a follow if you’re into diversity in the beer industry—which you should be—with a side of entrepreneurship and style.


We already know that the minds behind Denver’s Our Mutual Friend have habit of making beautiful beers and beautiful glassware to put that beer into. Its instagram account is full of their latest creation as well as the place to stay in the know about their long-running Keep The Glass program, which debuts a new limited-edition glass designed by a guest artist, brewery, or designer each month.


If there’s anything that craft beer is seriously lacking, it’s toned abs, leather harnesses, and the occasional bare butt. Provincetown Brewing Company is putting the queer in beer as Provincetown’s first craft brewery, and its Instagram account is a celeration of that achievement. The activism-focused brewery—or #draftivism—is a one-stop-shop for Bearded Mistress IPA and gay Santa sightings.


Brewer, traveler, and haver of purple hair Megan Stone has worked her way from San Diego to Baltimore in 2019, brewing at Modern Times, DuClaw, and Laine Brew Co. in Brighton along the way. On her Instagram page, Is Beer a Carb, she shares her—often challenging—journey as a woman working in the beer industry. Good luck keeping up with her—and her ever-changing hair color.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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