Let’s Get It On: October Editors Pick the Best Beers for Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2019

By October Staff, February 13, 2019

Let’s set the record straight on a few things here. Valentine’s Day is a fake holiday invented by the people who make heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates. Given that fact, let’s go ahead and throw any so-called “rules” associated with this Hallmark holiday out the window. Who needs Champagne and candlelit dinner when you can crack open a cool, cold beer with someone you love from the comfort of your couch? Which is why the writers and editors at October have channelled their inner Cupid to pick the sexiest beers (and even a cider!) that you can sip this Valentine’s Day.

Hopewell Brewing Company’s Crudités

“Valentine’s Day is about spending time with someone who you, hopefully, like talking to. This Valentine’s Day, let beer be your conversation starter. Crudités, from Hopewell Brewing Company in Chicago, is a barrel-aged, dry-hopped wild ale. It has a light body, but a complex flavor profile that dances with floral, stone fruit, and citrus notes. It’s one of those beers that pushes the boundaries of what beer ‘should’ taste like. So forget the predictable bottle of Champagne and opt for a sparkling beer that might just lead to some sparkling conversation.” —Sarah Freeman, Managing Editor

Tree House Brewing Co.’s Company’s Hustle

“Chocolate is an obvious go-to for this particular holiday, but I’d be happy to drink this roasty, hearty porter loaded with dark fudgy undertones and toasted malt all winter long. I make the pilgrimage out to Tree House Brewing Company's atmospheric taproom whenever I'm visiting family in Massachusetts and grab a couple cans of showstoppers like this one. Since it's a journey to pick them up, I tend to save these beers for a special occasion—with or without a special someone.” —Diana Hubbell, staff writer

Boon Oude Geuze Mariage Parfait

“For the long-married folk, this is the perfect beer to uncork on V-Day. ‘It translates to Perfect Marriage,’ you explain as you pour yourselves each a fluted glass of the acidic, oaky, slightly funky beer, a flawless pairing with the chocolate-dipped strawberries you are feeding each other. Just don't ruin the romance by explaining that ‘perfect marriage’ refers to the blending of one-year-old, two-year-old, and three-year-old lambic. Nothing sexy about that.” —Aaron Goldfarb

Foothills Brewing Company’s Sexual Chocolate

As evidenced here, this cocoa-infused Russian imperial stout is my new Valentine’s Day standard. Sexual Chocolate packs a ton of sweet and bitter chocolate flavor with a silky mouthfeel and warming boozy heat. It’s chocolatey, luscious and sexy—everything Valentine’s Day should be. Plus it comes in a bomber, perfect for splitting with that special someone, or drowning your sorrows all alone.” —Tucker Anders

Reformation Brewery’s Nolan The Wanderer

“In all honesty, and per the recommendation of someone I interviewed for this story, I'd probably go with a Brut IPA. It drinks like a Champagne, looks elegant in the glass—just don't use a pint glass—and doesn't feel heavy like a chocolate stout might, which I feel a lot of people instinctively recommend for Valentine's Day because ‘chocolate.’ But I think the crispness and restraint lends itself well to a romantic evening: You can pair with food, it feels festive and special occasion-y, and won't weigh you down for... later.” —Gray Chapman

Brooklyn Cider House’s Half Sour Cider

“My husband is not a fan of beer, so unless I decide to spend Valentine’s Day with someone else, beer isn’t going to be part of the equation. Cider, however, he can get behind. Brooklyn Cider House crafts unpretentious Basque-style ciders with heirloom bitter apples grown on its orchard in New Paltz, New York, which are fermented anywhere from two to 18 months in stainless steel. I dig the Raw—a dry, wild-fermented cider with some pleasing funk—but we compromise with the Half Sour, a barely sweet, lightly carbonated sipper that clocks in at 5.8% ABV with notes of honey, pear, and citrus. Paired with a cheese plate, a couch, and a marathon of true crime documentaries on Netflix, it’s exactly what a couple of anti-Valentine’s curmudgeons like us could ever want.” —Matthew Zuras, Editor-in-Chief

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