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Take a Trip to Belgium With Blackberry Farm’s Boundary Tree

May 27, 2020

By Jay C. Williams, May 27, 2020

Belgium is known for many things: chocolate, waffles, and Jean-Claude Van Damme. But perhaps their greatest gift to the world is beer. Produced in a wide spectrum of styles, Belgian beers run the gamut of color and alcohol content, and their influence can be found anywhere, like, say, Tennessee. The Volunteer State’s Blackberry Farm Brewery looks to classic Old World style for inspiration and adds an American twist with Boundary Tree, a hoppy Belgian-style ale.

Out of the can, Boundary Tree pours a slightly hazy orange-gold, with a fluffy, white head that’s three fingers deep. Upon the first sniff, the trademark Belgian yeast aromas of black pepper, clove, and banana are revealed. There’s also some bubble gum and honey in the background. 

The first sip shows the ale’s light body and strong carbonation. The taste has more of the aforementioned Belgian yeast spiciness at the forefront with some subtle pear and green grape notes bolstered by bready malt. Those soft notes are anchored by a bitterness that may remind you of citrus pith. It has a nice crisp finish with some floral notes. 

It’s a solid offering from Blackberry Farm. While everyone is chasing the IPA, consider Boundary Tree as a way to visit or revisit a classic. At 6.5% ABV, you can enjoy a can or two with some moules frites and a showing of Bloodsport

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