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Get Toasted by the Campfire

June 07, 2018

By Tucker Anders, June 07, 2018

As spring turns to summer, I find myself pushing my higher ABV bottles to the back of the fridge in favor of quaffable heat-beating brews. Pilsners, goses, wheat beers and session IPAs make up the bulk of my summer drinking. But as pool-days turn into fire-pit-, back-porch-sitting-nights, there is something about those quaffable beers that just doesn’t quite satisfy.

I needed a beer that was still somewhat easy-drinking, middle-of-the-road in ABV and body, but featured flavors different from the bright notes found in most summer sippers. A straightforward beer that is just interesting enough without being so full of flavor or body to weigh me down. Enter Blue Point Brewing Company’s Toasted Lager.

The amber lager is Blue Point’s flagship beer, derived from a combination of six types of grains and a proprietary lager yeast. The result is a beer that is subtle in all of the right ways.

This year-round amber lager is there to supplement your surroundings.”

I love the look of an amber brew in the glass, and Toasted Lager does not disappoint with a beautiful copper hue and plenty of rising carbonation. The aroma is muted but inviting. The lager yeast provides a clean yeasty smell that works well with the soft roasted and bready notes. Toasted Lager smells a little sweet and highly gulpable.

Given the name and style, I’d expect the taste to be dominated by maltiness, but its the hop notes that first hit the palate. I’d guess Blue Point uses noble hops to bring these mild grassy and earthy flavors, which quickly give way to the carefully selected grains. Sweet roasted characteristics pair with hints of bread and honey to give Toasted Lager a clear second wave of flavor. The beer finishes smooth and slightly drying thanks to the aforementioned lager yeast.

At 5.5% ABV, Toasted Lager is right where I wanted on the scale and has the medium-bodied mouthfeel to back it up. It can get a little thin and sweet as it warms, but that means you are drinking it too slowly anyway.

It’s not a beer to savor as your one of the night, and it is definitely a little too full and sweet for a hot summer day. Nope, this year-round amber lager is there to supplement your surroundings, and that’s perfectly fine, beer shouldn’t always be the center of attention.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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