BrewDog Is Leaning into Dry January with Its First Booze-Free Bar

January 07, 2020

By October Staff, January 07, 2020

In the spirit of Dry January, Scottish brewery BrewDog opened a completely alcohol-free bar in London on January 6. In lieu of the brewery’s higher ABV offerings, the bar—dubbed BrewDog AF—will feature 15 taps pouring non-alcoholic options like Faux Fox, a micro-fermented raspberry sour, Wake Up Call, a coffee stout, and Hazy AF, a juicy New England-style IPA, along with the brewery’s first-ever kombucha. From a brewery that once produced a 55% ABV beer that was packaged inside a taxidermied squirrel, this is something of a surprise.

Courtesy of BrewDog

“We exist to be a point of difference, and our first BrewDog AF Bar is just that. It is a beacon for anyone in London after an alcohol-free alternative,” James Watt, captain of BrewDog, said in a statement to Metro.

Somehow we weren’t expecting this next move from a brewery that previously bragged about producing a 55% ABV beer.”

With sobriety on the rise the other eleven months of the year, BrewDog isn’t the only brewery to try and capitalize on Dry January. To their credit, however, all of the marketing gimmicks in its “Drink All You Can Jan” campaign involve brews of 0.5% ABV or less. Even if you can’t make it to London, they’ll gladly keep your pint glass full of bottomless refills of non-alcoholic beer at any of their other bars. 

While chugging a bunch of non-alcoholic hazy IPAs might not quite be in Dry January’s spirit of moderation, the fact that this exists is just one more sign that better non-alcoholic beers are here to stay.

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