How Breweries Are Aiding Relief Efforts for Hurricane Dorian

September 06, 2019

By Diana Hubbell, September 06, 2019

When the 185 mph winds of Hurricane Dorian began to buffet the coastline of the Bahamas, one resident had a clear message for the world: “Send Beer.” 

Of course, a Category 5 hurricane is no laughing matter. Since reaching land on September 1, the storm has devastated large swathes of the northern Bahamas and the death toll has climbed to at least 20. Nevertheless, as the New York Post has reported, one local braved the elements to write his plea in the beach sand earlier this week. A Port Nassau Webcam captured footage of the incident from the artist identified only by his call sign “G7DAZ.”

So far, breweries in southern Florida haven’t actually taken the anonymous local up on his request, but they have been stepping up when it comes to providing other kinds of aid. Due South Brewing Co. has teamed up with the military-vet run group Bahamas Relief Effort to collect urgently needed supplies. Tarpon River Brewing is also hosting a fundraising event today. Meanwhile, Beat Culture Brewery has released a Banana Yellow Hefeweizen to raise funds and will be holding a drive for hurricane relief at the brewery on Monday along with Abarth Club Florida and Corsa Club America.

If you're not located in Florida, however, you can contribute to hurricane relief efforts by donating to the Red Cross, the Bahamanian government, and other humanitarian organizations.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

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