Budweiser Will be “Brewery Fresh” at OctFest

September 06, 2017

By October Staff, September 06, 2017

Produced by October for Budweiser

Lively beer – that's what we’re after in Bud’s Brewery Fresh offering at OctFest.

Whether it’s farmer's market veggies or hazy IPAs sold off the dock in rural New England, freshness is a bit of an obsession these days. But as fresh as our favorite beers are (and some of them are incredibly fresh) most of us unwilling to drive an hour and stand in line get the opportunity to drink like a brewer – fresh from the tank or the canning line.

In this contemporary context, Budweiser is now bringing its own pitch on freshness. While long a proponent of “Born on” dates, and indeed refrigerated rail cars back in the day, Budweiser’s “Brewery Fresh” beer is a bit of an extreme proposition from the world's largest brewer, who are often told they're too big to be nimble. For Brooklynites who happen to live nearby Bud’s Newark, NJ brewery, you can try some first-hand at OctFest September 9th at the Brooklyn Hangar. In case that sounds like hyperbole, we can assure you, it'll be released into kegs at the brewery and sent right to OctFest.

"The cool thing about this, really, is that it's an opportunity to taste the Budweiser like a brewmaster," said Patrick Fagan, the Brewmaster at the Newark Brewery. "Every day we taste the beer the whole way through the process to ensure the consistency and the quality of it, and the last thing we do is we taste the package beer from that production. We do that every day." And now you get to try it out, too.

In general, the fresher the beer is, it's going to be more lively.”

"Oxygen, time, temperature are all enemies of beer and we go to great lengths to minimize those impacts on the beer," said Fagan. Budweiser is in a unique position to combat those enemies.

"We have 12 regional breweries, and we have a network of approximately 600 wholesalers and through that network we are able to deliver the freshest beer," Fagan pointed out. All those breweries mean one is right around the corner. "One cool fact is that our Columbus brewery is within a days drive of 80% of the US population," said Fagan. 

But that story of freshness begins even earlier with the agriculture itself. Since Budweiser clocks in around 10-12 International Bitterness Units, though, and your typical IPA is around 60-70 IBU and features more hops, the importance of fresh ingredients extends past the popular hop plant.

"Something that is important to Budweiser is the barley malt that is used – we have two-row and six-row barley, all sourced out of the Midwest," pointed out Fagan. "We have two malthouses and the maltsters there have been turning that barley into the finest malts available. The growers that we work with that grow the barley we've been working with them for generations."

Turns out, according to the folks at Bud, 99.5% of the barley Budweiser uses is sourced from American farmers. That's a great way to keep things crisp.  

Still, Brewery Fresh beer represents a unique and fun opportunity to virtually stand by the canning line and pluck a fresh beer from the source. What will it taste like? "In general, the fresher the beer is, it's going to be more lively," Fagan said.

Lively. Live music. It's making sense.

Come to OctFest and you can enjoy Brewery Fresh beer courtesy Budweiser, but if you can't make it or want to try it again after the Fest, New York residents can get Budweiser delivered from Drizly any time.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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