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Burial’s Innertube Lager Is the Perfect Beer for Right Now

August 07, 2020

By Tucker Anders, August 07, 2020

If you’re like me, it hasn’t been hard to find an excuse to have a drink in 2020. The whole year has pretty much been a repeat of “Wow, things are really bad!” before the world around us replies, “Hold my beer.” Throw in the boundaryless wasteland that is working from home, and it’s a recipe for drinking more and starting earlier.

This can be a real problem! One solution would be reducing one’s consumption, but where’s the fun in that? Another approach is focusing on beverages with lower ABV. Enter Burial’s Innertube lager. The acclaimed Asheville, North Carolina-based brewer is one of many in the industry that has responded to the pandemic by getting more creative with distribution and shipping, making its delicious and hard-to-come-by brews suddenly accessible nearly everywhere.

Innertube may seem like a fairly straightforward lager with a typical bubbly, golden body in the glass, but there is more to this 3.5% ABV crisp crusher than meets the eye. Burial hops Innertube fairly aggressively with Saphir hops, a German varietal that brings big notes of tangerine and other citrus to the nose and flavor. The citrusy qualities of Innertube give it more intrigue than most low-ABV lagers, satisfying my desire for a beer without having to trade up into something boozier. That extra notch of flavor should be expected from Burial, which is known for pushing the boundaries on whatever style of brew it tackles. 

Innertube isn’t revolutionary, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a more refreshing and satisfying beer at this ABV. It’s fun and interesting while remaining light, crisp, and refreshing. You can drink this beer on the water, outside in the sun, or in your dark “home office” with a ham and cheese for lunch.

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