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Blast Off with Central Coast's Moonbuggy

September 09, 2020

By Tucker Anders, September 09, 2020

These last few years, America has had space on the mind. From creating a new division of the military devoted to space (and spawning a related let-down of a sitcom) to definitely-not-definitely confirming UFOs are real. I mean, NASA is even trying to send people back to the moon by 2024, with an eye on manned missions to Mars to follow. It’s clear we have everything figured out down here (yeah, right), which leaves space as the final frontier. 

If we are truly going to ignore our problems on Earth and launch humans into the stratosphere, there’s a beer for that: Central Coast Brewing’s Moon Buggy double IPA. The California brewery doesn’t just offer a sweet moon-themed can, it created a brew that I have to assume would go great with whatever freeze-dried delicacy is on the menu.

Moonbuggy features a quiet, light, and fruity aroma, but you probably won’t be able to smell that in space anyway. It looks like a glass of Tang—an old astronaut favorite—with it’s bright, hazy, orange body. It would definitely be fun to watch this beauty float around in zero gravity.

And let’s face it, out there in space you’re going to need something that packs a punch. At 8.0% ABV, Moonbuggy certainly delivers, but it drinks really easily, with none of the hop burn that can bite you in a double IPA. Moonbuggy is creamier than it is slick, with tons of fruitiness. It’s not all sweet though, as there is plenty of dank and piney bitterness to balance things out. Moonbuggy does lack the brightness I hope for in a juicy DIPA, tasting more like dank, fermented, pineapple juice.

I wouldn’t say I’m over the moon for Central Coast’s Moonbuggy, but I could definitely take down a can or two while cruising the lunar surface… in the passenger seat of course.

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