Concept Crafts: The 7 Best Beers You’ll Never Drink

March 12, 2020

By Dan Sheehan, March 12, 2020

The craft brewing community is known for blazing trails and taking risks, but even the world’s craft brewers have certain ideas that never get to see mass production. We’ve gathered some of our favorite of these nearly forgotten concept brews:

Fifty Brothers Ale

Grum Brothers Brewery has created something masterful in Fifty Brothers Ale. What on the surface seems like a standard sweet ale is in fact that ONLY beer on the market brewed by 50 actual brothers. It may seem like overkill, but you can taste that 50 brothers difference.

Old Country Brewery’s Corn on Corn

Old Country Brewery believes that you can still do things the old fashioned way. They believe that a good beer doesn’t need to be anything fancy. They believe that you can make a beer only out of corn. A product of the heartland, Corn on Corn utilizes a corn-based hop substitute, corn oil, and a corn mash to create something completely new and altogether familiar. Now there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying a bowl of room temperature corn alongside a cold glass of the stuff.

Hot Shrimp Porter

Typically, one’s interest in beer dips as the beverage’s temperature rises, but the Hot Shrimp Porter from Seaside Brewing dares to take a risk. Bitter and accented by the briny taste of shrimp, this porter is made to be served warm. Crack open a six-pack on a hot afternoon and let those summer vibes overtake you.

GunBraü: The Beer For MEN

For the man in your life whose masculinity is so incredibly delicate that he needs a beer that says “FOR THE FELLAS” on the can. Brewed in a decommissioned World War II-era tank and fermented with cigar smoke, GunBraü is one of a kind. That said, it tastes like vinegar because masculinity means denying yourself joy whenever you get the chance. 

Fake It Till You Make It IPA

Fake It Till You Make It is the IPA for people who hate IPAs. Despite the IPA’s popularity there are still plenty who prefer alternatives, which is why this IPA is actually just an incredibly neutral wheat beer. Take a sip with your most persistent IPA-drinking friend and nod knowingly when she talks about how hoppy it is.

Gentleman’s Folly

Gentleman’s Folly is a beer for the luxury drinker in your life. It spares no expense in making one of the most high-value beers in history. Rare ingredients? Check. Hand-bottled in small batches? Check. Flecks of gold leaf? Check. Sure, the floating bits of gold and truffle make it taste like a nightmare, but with a price tag this high, you’ll find a way to pretend to like it.

Old Chicago Original Recipe Bathtub Mystery

Hailing from the halcyon days of illicit Prohibition speakeasies, Bathtub Mystery’s recipe is kept a secret even from its brewers. With each batch tasting different, this could be a risky pick. But if you don’t like the taste, you could still use this high-octane hooch-to sanitize medical equipment.

Illustration by Adam Waito.

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