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Crooked Stave’s Trellis Buster Is Everything I Want In an IPA

April 30, 2019

By Tucker Anders, April 30, 2019

I’m always interested when I scroll Untappd to see someone check in a beer with a way higher rating than its average. Clearly that beer resonated with the person in a way that it doesn’t for others. Well, Crooked Stave’s Trellis Buster is one of those beers for me. The Denver-based brewer is better known for its stellar sour program, but its take on a hazy double IPA hit nearly every note I look for in a beer.


If you’re going to brew a hazy IPA, this is what it should look like. Trellis Buster is totally opaque and yet still bright in color with a fluffy white head. It has an eye-catching orange Creamsicle hue, but a little more golden and a touch brighter. Despite it’s turbidity it still holds the light for an altogether beauty of a brew.


Double dry-hopped with a four-hop punch known for bringing tropical notes, Trellis Buster’s aroma actually features more resinous pine than fruit. It’s definitely a less common aroma for a hazy IPA with more traditional hop presence of dank and grassy bitterness. There is very little tropical fruit, and only a touch of citrus, but what is there brings enough needed brightness.

This is maybe the lightest, creamiest double IPA I’ve ever had.”


The first taste of Trellis Buster reveals a cushy, smooth-drinking beer with a pleasant orange flavor. The flavor is much more fruity than the aroma lets on, with tropical fruits like pineapple and mango joining the orange for a common trio of hazy IPA flavors. That is right up until the pine roars back into the picture. It’s a deeply resinous pine, but without the typical accompanying bitterness. Trellis Buster is laughably light for an 8.0% ABV double IPA, and that is absolutely a good thing.


This is maybe the lightest, creamiest double IPA I’ve ever had. Pairing that silkiness with a hefty dose of resinous pine makes Trellis Buster a mouthful of pine pillows. A hazy IPA boasting a more traditional IPA flavor profile with the tropical fruit hiding underneath is quite the combo—nixing the sweetness that can send even the best hazy IPAs off the rails. Crooked Stave hopped Trellis Buster more than any other beer it has brewed, and the result demonstrates that maybe the sour-forward brewery should become known for its IPAs after all.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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