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The Dark Stuff Is a Cozy Hoodie in Beer Form

November 02, 2020

By Jerard Fagerberg, November 02, 2020

Autumn presents beer drinkers with a dilemma. Kolsch and session ale weather is coming to an end. It’s not yet brisk enough for scotch ales and imperial stouts. What’s a hophead to do in fall’s capricious cool but not cold days?

Apparently, South Carolinians don’t tolerate the change in season well, because Charleston’s Edmund’s Oast has concocted a dilemma-solving transition beer. The Dark Stuff comes ready for the earliest days of fall. The beer is exactly what the name purports—when the leaves go sepia and the summer ales won’t cut it anymore, this is the first beer you should reach for. 

The Dark Stuff slips on like a well-worn hoodie, the kind that you’ve been waiting to bust out of the bottom drawer all year. The head floats atop the beer like a cloud of mocha, giving off peaceful coffee and molasses aromas. It’s a deep and comfortable roast, immediately conjuring memories of Guinness. But the Dark Stuff is somehow even creamier than that Irish standard bearer. It moves smoothly through the sip, leaving milky deposits on the glass.

So, the Dark Stuff has the insulation factor down, but what about the refreshment? After all, 65-degree days still pop up here and there. Well, the Dark Stuff betrays its ashen color and fresh-baked aroma as soon as you get a mouthful. It’s a practical sipper, coming in at 4.7% ABV.

Like these in-between days, the Dark Stuff is too soon gone. But it leaves a warming coat of caramel in your mouth—a gentle reminder of the days to come.

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