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Einstöck’s Icelandic Toasted Porter Tastes Like a Hershey’s Bar in Beer Form

April 06, 2020

By Nathan Mattise, April 06, 2020

Iceland has become Instagram’s America's favorite tourist destination—back when people could still travel—with its breathtaking views and alluring hot springs. But not much of Icelandic culture outside of Björk or Sigur Ros has made it stateside. So how did a six-pack of Einstök Ölgerð (translation: Einstök Beer Company) Icelandic Toasted Porter end up in a grocery store beer aisle in Texas? I’m not sure. But I did know that I had to try it.

Appearance and Aroma

A quarter inch of tan foam clings to the glass, but otherwise this beer is a black hole. Toasted Porter’s aroma isn't nearly as menacing with dark chocolate and a touch of smokiness.

It's genuinely as robust as advertised despite being only 6% ABV.”


Do they have Hershey's bars in Iceland? If not, that iconic flavor still exists abroad, because Einstök's porter coats your mouth in memories of Hershey bars with almonds. Deep, dark chocolate notes dominate each sip as nuttiness and maltiness act as flanking flavors. While American porters sometimes feel like “Stout Lite,” offering similar flavor profiles but coming in just a bit lighter. This Icelandic Toasted Porter lightens the scale one notch more. It's genuinely as robust as advertised despite being only 6% ABV, without making you feel like you're nursing a glass of thick, boozy drinking chocolate.


Einstök has been around for just a decade, but the company already says it’s the largest alcohol exporter from its home country. It arrived in Dallas in 2015, but faster than a viking raid, it's landed in Texas’ other major metros as well as Toronto, Colorado, Connecticut, Nevada, and Virginia. So maybe these striking bottles and the satisfying beer inside will soon be sneaking up on more beer-aisle-browsers too.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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