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Yes, It’s OK to Drink This Beer for Breakfast

December 01, 2020

By Jerard Fagerberg, December 01, 2020

Sundays just aren’t the same now that you can’t parlay your Saturday hangover into a two-hour grease feast with all your friends in the early afternoon. The mimosa has lost its position as Sunday’s vaunted elixir. These days, orange juice would be lucky to get a splash of vodka before it’s slurped down mindlessly on yet another indeterminable morning.

It’s a sad state, but Philadelphia’s Evil Genius Beer Company has united with Miller High Life to cook up something that could redeem brunch for the last leg of 2020.

Brunch So Hard takes the Champagne of Beers and reformats it with some orange, mango, and a bushel of hops to create the “Mimosa of Beers.” Really, this is the way that most IPAs have been trending in the past years, but having the girl in the moon on the label gives Evil Genius license to be utterly shameless. This is not a beer for bottle swaps and special dinners. This is what you pop open when you wake up cobwebbed in last night’s eyeliner.

It’s that signature High Life effervescence that separates this Fanta-orange IPA from the herd. It bubbles spectacularly, leading to a finish that cuts right through the prominent Citra and Azacca juiciness and the pulpy orange and mango additions. You get one last herbal hit of Hallertau as the beer finished, wrapping nicely into the clean, light High Life feel.

The combination of overt citrus and hyper-crisp body make for a brunch beer that would’ve been celebrated on brunch tables across the country. Now that you’re stuck at home flapping your own jacks, why not take home something lovingly brewed in a tallboy can? You can drink it in full recline, regardless of whether it’s Sunday afternoon or Tuesday evening. And that’s the just restitution brunch needed.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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