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Take a Flavor Trip With Evil Twin's Delightfully Weird Hard Seltzer

May 28, 2020

By Tucker Anders, May 28, 2020

I’ve certainly had some hard seltzers that were better than others, but when I saw Evil Twin was rolling out a line of boozy seltzers called Evil Water, I knew the market was in for some wild concoctions—at least as wild as flavored water can get. The NYC-via-Denmark brewer certainly didn’t disappoint, with flavors like Marshmellow, Cherry Cola, Gummy Bears, and Salted Caramel. Yeah, Evil Twin gets just as weird with its water as it does with its beer.

While each of those caught my eye for different reasons, it was the Salted Caramel that most interested me. I have a serious sweet tooth, and caramels have always been a favorite of mine. So I was pretty interested to see what the hell a salted caramel seltzer water would taste like. 

Spoiler alert: It is pretty damn good.

I was mildly encouraged when I was greeted with the faint (but distinct!) aroma of sweet, nutty caramel after I cracked the can. Things just picked up steam when I had my first sip. Caramel is just sugar that has been cooked down. It keeps some of its sweetness through the cooking, but can add buttery, nutty, roasty and even sour qualities as the sugar transitions to caramel.

I’m not going to try to tell you this bubbly water is packing a heavy dose of all of those flavors, but it hints at all of them. That’s pretty crazy for a colorless glass of seltzer. It is lightly sweet and toffee-like, a bit buttery and more than a bit sour. That lingering sour note really helps clean up a beverage that would otherwise be too cloying. It is a great complementary flavor to more traditional caramel qualities, while still remaining squarely in the realm of reasonable for the flavor of a real salted caramel.

Evil Twin’s Evil Water Salted Caramel is like the lingering aftertaste after you eat its namesake. While I’ve been a little leary of boozy seltzers in the past, with Evil Twin at the wheel, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

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