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Go Gluten-Free With Legal Draft’s Gose Scot-Free

June 23, 2020

By Nathan Mattise, June 23, 2020

Goses go hand-in-hand with high temperatures. Drinkers with a gluten intolerance, however, typically haven’t had many options in this summer-friendly style. A traditional gose’s reliance on wheat makes crafting a gluten-free version particularly difficult, which is partially why you’re more likely to find gluten-free ales or lagers.

But as the saying at Arlington, Texas’ Legal Draft Beer Company goes, "You have the right to drink great beer," even if you’d prefer it sans gluten. Gose Scot-Free, Legal Draft’s gluten-free gose, arrived in cans this spring, so let’s crack one open.

Gose Scot-Free almost looks like an IPA in a glass: hazy, lightly honey-colored, and topped with a heaping foam head. There’s nothing indicating a lack of gluten from the aroma, either. Salt and lime lead the way, but there’s also a pretty prominent wheat-like undertones. “Crafted to remove gluten” does, after all, usually mean brewing with standard grains then relying on enzymes to eliminate gluten.

Gose Scot-Free separates itself from other goses with its flavor. Legal Draft has produced a beer for anyone who’s sipped gose in the past and thought, “too sour” or “too salty.” “Mellow” is the word that comes to mind. Sips are front-loaded with lemon, lime, salt, and malt. Combined, those flavors come across as more savory than tart. And perhaps due to the gluten removal, the beer doesn’t linger much at all.

Though they offer other “crafted to remove” options like a lager and pale ale, Legal Draft isn’t solely a gluten-free brewer. But for gluten-avoiding drinkers who want some fruit flavor but are sick of cider, this is the brewer offering a gose ready for summer.

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