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You’ll Be Eager To Share This Pale Ale

July 28, 2020

By Jay C. Williams, July 28, 2020

Pale ales are among the more underrated and understated beer styles. They’re a bit like NBA Slam Dunk Contest winners Nate Robinson or Spud Webb. Though typically smaller in both ABV and market dominance compared to a myriad of IPAs of varying styles and strengths and burly imperial stouts, they’re still great and have great hops (pun intended). One example of this underappreciated style is Eager To Share, an American pale ale by Marlowe Artisanal Ales. 

Out of a can with its delicate line drawings, the beer pours cloudy pale yellow—similar to white grapefruit juice. Citrus with some faint creaminess dominate the aroma, and the first sip follows the nose with heavy grapefruit as well as some orange and a little pineapple before it finishes out with some lemon-pith bitterness. There’s enough juicy, fruit-forward flavor for haze lovers, but Eager To Share still has a nice hop bite to appease classic hop heads. It’s truly a well-balanced beer. 

Though light in body, the beer is far from watered down with its full-flavor and soft mouthfeel. While classified as a pale ale, one could mistake it for a sessionable New England IPA. The winning combination of bold flavor and a manageable 5.4% ABV make it great for all-day drinking. And, true to its name, don’t be surprised if you find yourself spreading the word about the gospel according to Marlowe and recommending this gem to family, friends and the world.

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