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Montucky Cold Snacks Is Your Do-It-All Light Lager

February 05, 2019

By Nathan Mattise, February 05, 2019

Many beer drinkers have affinity for a light, easy-drinking, slightly bready beer every so often. In recent years, craft beer makers have certainly taken notice. Everyone from Oskar Blues, with Beerito, to 21st Amendment, with El Sully Cerveza, now has at least one offering mimicking a more mass-produced beer. A number of brewers have even sprung up solely to produce in this style. For instance, in Austin, Texas recently, one particularly unorthodox sounding beer is everywhere: Montucky Cold Snacks. It functions like Lonestar—a cheap lager for game-watching or chasing bourbon—though the beer has no connection whatsoever to Texas. It simply looks cool (a 16-oz. can styled like a retro license plate for its founders’ home state of Montana), supports a good cause (eight percent of sales help local causes back in Big Sky country), and might just satisfy even the snobbiest of sippers.

Appearance and Aroma

When poured, Cold Snacks looks a bit more golden-amber than its watery counterparts. Its aroma similarly delivers more than what you’d expect from a lighter lager. Whiffs are filled mostly with grain and yeast, resulting in a mild fresh bread scent—like a French baguette rather than something stronger like sourdough or rye.

This beer is excessively drinkable—the 4.1% ABV helps—but still lets you know you’re drinking something.”


The best of these American lagers have something, anything to offer the palette, and Montucky’s beer checks that box. The first sip focuses mostly on the grain and yeast, with a splash of citrus on the back end. While the mouthfeel is light, it’s still more robust than bigger name light beers. Cold Snacks enjoyably offers this faint umami flavor that almost verges on creaminess. This beer is excessively drinkable—the 4.1% ABV helps—but still lets you know you’re drinking something.


While you can’t quite put Montucky Cold Snacks into the beloved regional cheap beer category—because while it was created by two Montanans, it’s contract brewed in Wisconsin, and lacks the communal history of a Natty Boh or Narragansett—this is likely a more enjoyable beer experience than many comparable cans. As a native Pennsylvanian, I’d have no qualms about someone opting for this over a Yuengling, as blasphemous as that may seem. Cold Snacks seems as capable as a summer sipper as it is a tailgate tallboy or during call closer. When reaching for an American lager, what more could you ask?

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