These Beers Are American AF

July 03, 2019

By October Staff, July 03, 2019

It’s 4th of July, and that means fireworks, backyard barbecues, and plenty of beer. What else is one to do during a long weekend when the corner bar is closed? To help you fulfill your patriotic duty, we’ve rounded up some excellent beers that are more American than sparklers stuck into a hot dog.

21st Amendment Brewery’s Sparkale

From the fine folks who brought your Brew Free! Or Die IPA comes a noticeably different brew with just as much patriotism. 21st Amendment’s Sparkle is a rosé ale flavored with apple, cranberry, peach, and cherries that comes in a can adorned with everyone’s favorite 4th of July accessory—a lit sparkler.

Against the Grain’s A Beer

There’s not much to be said about this crisp and citric lager. It’s just A Beer after all. “This is a beer for the people, by the people, to enjoy with the people you want to hang out with,” said Sam Cruz, Against the Grain’s co-founder, in a press release. “We wanted to brew a beer for everyone to enjoy and to show big beer what an American lager can be—what it should be.”

Austin Beerworks’ Cold Glory American Lager

Hot dogs, pie, bald eagles, monster trucks! Cold Glory American Lager’s label features all of the fixins of a good, old-fashioned American celebration. This “star spangled summertime lager, with a patriotic punch of American hops” is ready to be your 4th of July wingman. According to Austin Beerworks, it’s “the perfect companion to grilling, watching fireworks, and not going to work.”

Fair State Brewing Cooperative’s Clouding of Consciousness

While Fair State Brewing Cooperative’s Clouding of Consciousness will not be available until the 5th of July, that still leaves plenty of weekend to sip on this double dry-hopped IPA dressed in its Independence Day best. The white can features a swirl of red and blue. Inside is a beer made with, as the Minneapolis brewers put it, “all the hops.”

Hop Butcher for the World’s Alemerica the Beautiful

Each year, Hop Butcher celebrates our independence not with fireworks but with an American flag-covered pale ale known as Alemerica the Beautiful. The tropical beer is loaded with Mosaic hops and, at 6% ABV, you can throw back a couple while you’re grilling in the backyard.

Rockwell Brewing Co.’s Freedom Rockets

Over in St. Louis, the new kids on the block at Rockwell Beer Co. are celebrating their first 4th of July in style with a double IPA called Freedom Rockets. Of course, what’s a beer like that without an epic mascot? Enter a bald eagle with some Bowie-style stripes on the face of every can of this limited-run beer.

Surly Brewing Company’s #Merica!

This an old-school pre-Prohibition American lager is Surly’s tribute to all things punk rock, corn-fed, and made-in-America. First brewed in 2015 for the Minnesota-based punk rock band Dillinger Four’s annual D4th of July party, #Merica! is now an American flag-covered tradition brewed during the most patriotic time of the year.

Untitled Art’s Rocket Popsicle Sour

Yes, Untitled Art’s Rocket Popsicle Sour is inspired by the red, white, and blue frozen treat of your childhood. Yes, it tastes like a Bomb Pop. This 5% ABV blue razz beer lives up to its name and pours a bright blue color. So go ahead and paint your 4th of July red, white, and blue beer.

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