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I Was a Hard Seltzer Hater Until I Tried Night Shift's HOOT

April 29, 2020

By Tucker Anders, April 29, 2020

I’ve pretty much rolled my eyes and scoffed as the hard seltzer fad has swept through the craft beer world. But with big name breweries across the country trotting out new lines of seltzer products—and market share for the bubbly beverage projected to top $4 billion this year—it is now impossible to ignore.

I’ve tried the major players and otherwise dipped my toes into the seltzer pool, and while very few have been worthy of a trip down the drain, most have fallen squarely within shouting distance of meh. I resigned myself to being an outsider on this latest beer-adjacent trend. 

That is, until I tried Night Shift’s HOOT line of hard seltzers. Night Shift currently cranks out three flavors of the bubbly hard stuff: Raspberry Lime, Pomegranate Tangerine, and Black Cherry Lemon. I’ve only had the first two of those three, and while both were good, the Pomegranate Tangerine had me excited to crack another. Like others trying to cash in on the craze, Night Shift’s seltzers are fruity, low-calorie (only 90), zero-sugar, and gluten-free. But that’s where most of the similarities to other seltzers I’ve had ended. (Well, I guess they are clear and bubbly too.)

It’s like a vodka soda with some fruit squeezed in, but fizzier and a touch less boozy.”

I poured my HOOT Pomegranate Tangerine in a glass to give it the full beer tasting experience, and I have to say it is a bit odd to crack a can and pour a totally clear pint of a boozy beverage. For that reason I’d leave your HOOT seltzer in the expertly designed, colorful Night Shift can it comes in. The pour did open up the aroma a bit, and I was surprised to be transported back to college. It smells like a less potent version of the fruity, big batch vodka drinks that are common at that age. HOOT Pomegranate Tangerine tastes like it has actual fruit in it, lacking the cloying quality of artificial sweeteners. It’s like a vodka soda with some fruit squeezed in, but fizzier and a touch less boozy.

Admittedly, I won’t likely reach for any hard seltzer over a well brewed beer, but whether you are a hard seltzer fan or not, Night Shift’s HOOT hard seltzers—specifically their Pomegranate Tangerine flavor—are absolutely worth checking out.

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