October's Top-Rated IPAs for IPA Day

August 02, 2018

By October Staff, August 02, 2018

Most days of the calendar year—as any avid beer drinker will tell you—IPAs dominate draft lines and pint glasses alike. The style has become so ubiquitous that on the first Thursday of August each year, since 2011, we stop what we’re doing, put down our pilsners and celebrate IPA Day. And if you’re going to drink an IPA, you might as well drink one of the best IPAs. Or, at least, drink one of the best IPAs according to October’s reviewers.

96: Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company’s The Shape Of Hops To Come

“Bitter and dry, SHOPs beat my palate around in all the right ways like all the great DIPAs do. Make no mistake: this beer is an unapologetic hop bomb, brewed with Apollo, Newport, Simcoe, Topaz, and Citra. With the first pour, the drinker is smacked directly across the face with the dank, citrus pine-y goodness of an overload of the five hops of the apocalypse.” — Andy Tworischuk

99: The Alchemist’s Heady Topper

“We do weird things in order to satisfy our interests. For Heady Topper, people have lined up in cold Vermont winters, chased delivery trucks around town, and sent beer furtively through the mail.” — Matt Osgood

99: Magnify Brewing Company’s Peak Of Ripeness

“The beer is as beautifully colored as the sky on the can art – as though I’m pouring a piece of that fictional sunset into my glass. The head isn’t too high, but the thick presence of foam coats the outside of the glass and lays perfectly atop the deep yellowed-orange color.” — Mike Wilpiszeski

100: Tree House Brewing Company’s Julius

“Julius was the beer that put Tree House on the map, a juicy hop bomb that gets its name from the creamy orange drink once sold in malls across America. It such an important beer that components of it are incorporated into three other Tree House beers (Alter Ego, an IPA, and double IPAs Juice Machine and King Julius).” — Jared Paventi

100: Toppling Goliath Brewing Company’s King Sue

“If Toppling Goliath’s Psuedo Sue is great, King Sue is superlative. If Psuedo Sue is exceptional, King Sue is anointed. Even without the antecedent, King Sue would still reign as a world-class beer, but having that point of comparison illustrates the revelation that is this beer. It’s a big, fresh pillow of succulence. Press your forehead to the floor and thank the sky sovereigns that this beer exists.” — Jerard Fagerberg

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