October's Top-Rated Beers for This July

July 31, 2020

By October Staff, July 31, 2020

When the dog days of summer descend, nothing helps alleviate the sweaty misery quite like hunkering down by the fridge door with a popsicle, a vat of ice cream, or a tall pint of something frosty. Since fridge space is at a premium right now, it’s important to keep yours stocked with a carefully chosen selection of top-shelf thirst-quenchers. Lately, our review team has been gravitating towards juicy IPAs—sour, hazy, and West Coast-clear, yet loaded with tropical fruit flavors—along with genre-busting sour ales.

91: Forager’s Dollar Menu Pie
“Brettanomyces’ trademark earthy, barnyard funk hits the nostrils, followed by some citrus and stone fruit. But as it warms, the spicy rye gives off some pie-crust-like notes, which,  paired with the cherries, creates the fruit pie aroma,” says Jay Williams of this “ rye saison that’s fermented with saison yeast and Brettanomyces in red wine oak casks before resting on second-use Minnesota-grown Meteor, North Star, and Montmorency cherries for 200 days.”

91: Talea’s Mangotango
“The volume of flavor in each sip is out of this world. Your taste buds are blasted with sweet, sour fruit, and—unlike in the aroma—the mango truly shines on every gulp,” writes Tucker Anders of this “vibrant orange” 7.5% ABV sour IPA. “Despite the mouth-puckering tartness, Mangotango goes down all too smooth, leaving me wanting more after each sip.”

91: Marlowe’s Eager To Share
“Though light in body, the beer is far from watered down with its full-flavor and soft mouthfeel,” declares Jay Williams of this 5.4% ABV pale ale that could almost pass for a “sessionable New England IPA.” “There’s enough juicy, fruit-forward flavor for haze lovers” as well as a “ice hop bite to appease classic hop heads” and notes of “heavy grapefruit as well as some orange and a little pineapple” in this “well-balanced beer.”

92: Three Taverns’ Lord Grey
“The combination of black tea and citrus give it an Arnold Palmer vibe” writes Jay Williams of this 5% ABV sour ale with Earl Grey tea that tastes like “summertime in a glass.” “While not necessarily sour, the first sip is a tart slap to the mouth followed by lemony orange and more tang, plus some light earthiness. It walks the line between tart and tea, with neither dominating but both existing in harmony.”

93: Equilibrium’s Energy Equals
“Energy Equals is a delightful tropical wallop—but it’s also deceiving. It drinks like a single IPA despite being a double with an 8% ABV,” says Jay Williams of this stunner from a brewery founded by two MIT grads. “While the word “juicy” is synonymous with New England IPAs, this definitely ups the ante. Each sip is like sneaking bites from a container of pre-cut mango before you even get to the checkout aisle.” 

98: Lawson's Finest Liquids’ Little Sip
“Little Sip explodes with fruity aromas as soon as the can is cracked” which “work in concert with the lightly herbal and piney qualities rather than competing with them. The result is a beer in perfect balance that rivals any of the best IPAs on the market,” raves Tucker Anders. There’s no haze in this 6.2% ABV IPA, just potent notes of “grapefruit, pineapple, mango, and orange.”

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