October’s Top-Rated Beers for This October

November 01, 2019

By October Staff, November 01, 2019

When was the last time you drank a grisette? How about an old-school cream ale or a Mexican imperial lager that really made you pause in appreciation? This month, our review team found some truly outstanding beers spanning a wide range of styles to carry us into the cooler months. Whether you’re looking for a crisp, sessionable number with layers of complexity and a touch of barnyard funk or a perfectly balanced, decadently boozy double IPA, here are the cans to stock in your fridge. 

87: Crooked Stave’s IPA
“Talk about a unique take on a hazy IPA,” write Tucker Anders of this “totally opaque” number that “looks very juicy, like a frothy glass of OJ” and has a “stunning” aroma that “smells like orange and mango juice, with a pineapple twist.” While you’d be forgiven for expecting a full-on juice-bomb, “juicy fruit is there but dryness is the dominant trait of each taste.”

89: Indeed’s Mexican Honey
“From the glorious color and magnetizing aroma to the perplexing mix of flavors, it’s more than you’re accustomed to getting from any Americanized Mexican lager,” says Jerard Fagerberg of this 8% ABV imperial lager that tastes like “like chugging two Coronas and chasing with a tablespoon of Yucatan honey.” The flavor profile has “a big, pleasant floral character” complemented by pilsner malt and Amarillo hops. 

92: Threes Brewing’s Passing Time
“This beer is both extremely refreshing and tantalizing on the palate,” writes Jesse Bussard of this grisette, an old style of sessionable Belgian beer in the midst of a resurgence. “Thanks to a blend of wild yeasts and souring bacteria” this beer has “vibrant flavors.” “Fresh dough and raw wheat with a slight Brettanomyces barnyard funk come through at the start” followed by “citrusy notes of lemon-lime, melon rind, and spritz on the back end” and “bone-dry, minerally finish.”

93: Milwaukee Brewing Co.’s Outboard
“Outboard is a pint of calm in a very tumultuous beer scene. One can will transport you to a moment of simplicity and happiness,” says Jerard Fagerberg of this “irresistible” cream ale. “Earthy, hay-like scents spill out of the can” while the “spicy Bravo hops hold the corn’s sweetness at bay.”

94: Bells’ Double Two Hearted
“This is a case where doubling down on a classic turns out exactly right,” raves Tucker Anders of this 11% ABV double IPA that “pretty much nails it” “with a mouthwatering combination of sweet citrus fruits and dank pine.” “While other double IPAs rely on a hammer of bitterness as a carrying trait, Double Two Hearted feels just as in balance as its renowned predecessor, with plenty of pithy and resinous bitterness to complement the increased sweetness of the additional malt.”

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