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Omission IPA Is Missing More Than Gluten

May 10, 2019

By Tucker Anders, May 10, 2019

Both my mother and sister are gluten intolerant. If you think that’s something to scoff at, try eating that way yourself! There may be worse afflictions life can throw at you, but it’s not exactly easy either. One of the worst sacrifices? For me, it’d be beer.

That’s why Omission Brewing Co. caught my eye with its mission to brew beers of all styles “crafted to remove gluten.” (Get it?) So, admittedly, with Omission IPA I’ll be grading on a bit of curve. Of course an IPA with a restriction this large can’t measure up to the best of the style, but how close can it get?


The team at Omission keeps it simple when it comes to label art. Omission IPA is no exception as it pours from a solid green labeled bottle decorated only with the brewery’s signature “O.” The beer is orange, verging on copper, and while there isn’t much of a foamy cap atop Omission IPA, what is there sticks around. It’s a far cry from the trend of hazy IPAs in today’s market with an extremely transparent body.


Omission IPA has a very faint aroma. It’s a tad disappointing in today’s IPA landscape with only a whiff of bright citrus and floral notes. It’s not that the aroma is unpleasant, it’s just that it smells like someone opened an IPA across the room—no matter how close I get to the glass.

It drinks like a beer that’s missing something—probably because it is.”


The taste is definitely malt-forward, which feels odd considering the gluten has been eaten up. (Yes, I know that’s not how that works.) More than a hint of sweetness comes with that malt, but Omission IPA stays balanced with a hefty punch of Northwest hops. The bright citrus and floral notes on the aroma come through at times but I wish there were more. It’s almost like removing the gluten removed most of the hop flavor.


Omission IPA is equal parts admirable and forgettable. I love the idea of a reduced-gluten IPA more than I like it in practice. It drinks like a beer that’s missing something—probably because it is. Without a doubt, if this was the only IPA I could have, I’d gladly drink it, but since it isn’t, I likely won’t again.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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