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Other Half’s All Together IPA Is a Great Beer Brewed for an Even Better Cause

May 15, 2020

By Tucker Anders, May 15, 2020

When I read about Other Half’s All Together IPA on this very site, I was encouraged to see that the brewing industry was once again banding together to help others. Just like Sierra Nevada before it, Other Half Brewing recognized that its community needed help, but this time the crisis was COVID-19. The Other Half team saw friends in the hospitality industry laid off in huge numbers due to the virus, and they decided to step up by doing what they do best—brewing beer. 

The result was All Together IPA, a beer brewed with a recipe created by Other Half and made available for any brewer (or homebrewer) who agrees to donate a portion of proceeds to a cause benefiting hospitality workers in their area. While the brewery’s efforts are admirable and its reputation for stellar beer noteworthy, I was curious to see if All Together IPA measured up to Other Half’s name brand notoriety when stripped of the context.

Cracking the can fills the room with tropical fruit aromas like pineapple and mango. All Together IPA pours a gorgeous, hazy, golden-orange with a frothy cap of white foam. It has the look and smell of the beers that pioneered the New England IPA style, and I can’t help but be pulled to the glass. 

Simply put, this is exactly the kind of beer you’d expect from one of the best brewers in the game.”

A lot of these beers brewed with the donation of proceeds in mind fall flat on flavor. It is only natural that brewers may cut corners in an effort to minimize costs and maximize margins, thereby raising the most money possible. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but Other Half clearly didn’t get the memo. All Together IPA stands on its own as a nearly flawless example of a hazy IPA gone right. It’s super bright and tropical yet balanced with just enough prickly, herbaceous hoppiness to keep it from skewing too sweet. Simply put, this is exactly the kind of beer you’d expect from one of the best brewers in the game.

When a brewery creates a beer like this with charitable intentions, the quality of the beer itself takes a backseat to the cause—and it should—but with All Together IPA, Other Half created a damn fine beer that is only made better by knowing what it supports.

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