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Prairie Artisan Ales' Double Dunk Stout Is Full of Oreos—Literally

December 11, 2018

By Tucker Anders, December 11, 2018

Prairie Artisan Ales knows how to brew a stout, particularly one with a few added ingredients. The Oklahoma-based brewery is well-known for Bomb! and its variants, featuring a dizzying number of adjuncts such as coffee, vanilla beans, cacao nibs, and ancho chiles—and that’s only the list for the standard Bomb!

So, what do you brew when you are a) great at stouts, and b) adept with added ingredients? According to Prairie, the answer is an imperial stout aged on more than 700 pounds of Oreo cookies per batch. The aptly named Double Dunk is a can’t-miss for anyone who likes big, sweet stouts. It may even replace milk in the classic cookie dunking combination.


Double Dunk has one of the darkest heads I’ve ever seen. It’s a rich brown and ridiculously dense, only looking like bubbles at all after close inspection. With a totally opaque black body and zero visible carbonation, the appearance is otherwise more common for the style.


While the appearance is fairly typical for a stout, the aroma is anything but. Double Dunk smells like Oreos blended up with a little milk and a dash of vodka. That boozy heat is the only note that distinguishes the beer’s aroma from the best kind of Oreo milkshake, one with way more cookie than milk. Sure, it smells extra sweet and only faintly beer-y, but waft this aroma under my nose and I promise my mouth will be watering.

If you like Oreos and you like beer, you will love Double Dunk.”


Prairie wanted the Oreos to come through, and Double Dunk is one big Oreo flavor punch. Sweet and lightly bitter chocolate cookie pair with sugary smooth cream to dominate each sip. Searching for more traditional beer flavors, only a touch of malt roastiness and some backend alcohol heat fit the mold. Double Dunk is stunningly creamy despite the sweetness and 11.9% ABV. A beer this sweet can feel like drinking a glass of chocolate syrup, but that light, creamy mouthfeel allows the chocolate cookie flavor to play up while going down as easy as a row of Oreos.


Double Dunk certainly veers toward the sweeter side of the spectrum, lacking the traditional balance of bitterness from malt or hop. But if you like Oreos and you like beer, you will love Double Dunk. And yes, even after Prairie put 700 pounds of Oreos into this beer, dunking just one more at home is still satisfying.

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