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This Sour Is a Slushie in Beer Form

May 11, 2020

By Tucker Anders, May 11, 2020

Maybe you associate them with gas stations, convenience stores, or the concession stand at a ballgame, but slushies just scream “summer.” You can taste the sweet, tart, frozen fruity goodness just thinking about it.

Now imagine that slushie not being poured by a disinterested teenager working a summer job, but instead having been crafted by some of the best minds in the brewing industry—with booze, no less. That’s exactly what Oklahoma-based Prairie Artisan Ales conjured up with its new fruited sour, Slush. 

While Slush isn’t semi-frozen like a fast food slushie (although a carefully timed trip to the freezer can fix that), Prairie did pack it full of strawberry, raspberry, lemon, and lime on top of the sour ale base. Slush pours with a just-shy-of-fruit-punch red hue and a fruity, tart aroma that puckers my mouth just hovering over the glass.

It’s like being a kid and combining all the flavors on the soda machine into one drink, but it actually works here.”

Each sip is bracingly sour, but equally complex. I’m shocked to taste each of the four fruit flavors distinctly, with the whole better than the sum of the parts. It’s like being a kid and combining all the flavors on the soda machine into one drink, but it actually works here. The overall tartness coupled with the taste of lime gives Slush a limeade flavor profile that really works in its favor. And while a traditional slushie is a sugar bomb, this version is anything but, with the sourness driving each sip before relenting to the taste of real fruit.

With Slush, Prairie created a more mature version of a favorite summer treat, and I am absolutely here for it.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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