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Russian River’s Consecration Is Perfect

December 22, 2020

By Tucker Anders, December 22, 2020

I was certainly sad to hear the news that October won’t be returning for 2021, but I’ve really enjoyed my time writing here. I’m extremely grateful to our readers, but also to Eno Sarris who took a chance on me, and to Sarah Freeman, and Matthew Zuras who continued to give me the opportunity to write about something I love. I’m very proud to have been a small part of a great team.

While I hate that this will be my last review for October, I’m excited to finish on a high note with a flawless beer from one of the nation’s best brewers: Russian River’s Consecration. Consecration is a dark ale aged in Cabernet barrels from the California brewery’s winemaking neighbors. For good measure, Russian River adds in a hefty dose of black currants and sour yeast to add even more complexity.

Consecration pours from a maroon-labeled bottle to reveal a dark brown beer with a bit of a reddish hue, if you hold it up to the light. It’s intensely aromatic, with plenty of fruit and wood character. The sour funkiness is strong as well, more than enough to make your mouth tingle with anticipation of the tartness to come.

The flavor certainly doesn’t disappoint either. Consecration is, of course, sour, but it’s the combination of the roasted malts of the dark ale base, the wine barrel character, and the sweet and tart fruitiness of the currants that really makes this beer shine. It’s ridiculously complex, with each sip unveiling a new flavor. It’s a beautifully crafted beer, with each aspect perfectly calibrated from beginning to end.

And a perfect beer is a fitting end indeed.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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