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Take a Walk on the Mild Side with Sierra Nevada’s Wild Little Thing

November 09, 2020

By Tucker Anders, November 09, 2020

I usually like my sours really sour. Give me a wild ale that puckers the palate with a hammer of tartness. There is one problem with this approach, though, as those super sours pretty much leave your tongue in knots. That hazy IPA you were excited about won’t taste nearly the same, and don’t even think about doubling down on another sour.

Sometimes, I like to mix in a more mild sour to quench my thirst for tartness. Enter Sierra Nevada’s Wild Little Thing, a “slightly sour ale” with guava, hibiscus, and strawberry.

The beer pours from a pink can, and it’s almost as brightly pink in the glass with that strawberry addition resulting in a rosy hue. The aroma is an intoxicating blend of bright and tart fruits, with the guava and strawberry hinting at the sour punch to come, while the hibiscus adds a bit of floral sweetness to balance things out.

That sour punch I expected is more of a tap than a slap, and that’s by design. “Slightly sour” is the perfect term for this beer, as the tartness compliments the fruit while staying out of the way and letting the guava and strawberry shine through. Hibiscus is a hit or miss ingredient in beers for me, but it really works here with its unique, perfumy sweetness.

Any heavier on any one note, and the sessionability of Wild Little Thing would be gone. Luckily, Sierra Nevada knows when to leave a good little thing alone. 

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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