Sponsored: The Best City to Date a Beer-Drinker

June 23, 2018

By October Staff, June 23, 2018

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If there’s anything we've learned so far, it’s that beer is better enjoyed in the company of a fellow beer-lover. Someone who understands the nuances of a delicate hop profile or importance of a strong malt backbone. That’s why we’re all here, right? But where is the best place to find that special someone—the hop-head to your funk-freak?

Dating app OkCupid shared some info that might illuminate the path to your ideal drinking companion.  It tapped its database of users to get to the bottom of the best cities to meet and mingle with beer-drinkers. The search started with a question: Do you like the taste of beer?

According to OkCupid, the answer might not surprise you, with some of the top beer destinations—Portland, Oregon; Denver, Colorado; Seattle, Washington; Madison, Wisconsin and San Francisco, California—in the top ten list of cities where users claimed they did like beer’s taste.

Less expected is the list of cities filled with people who reported not liking the taste of beer. Four of the bottom ten are in Florida—Orlando, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale and Tampa. Texas holds two spots in the bottom, with Houston and Fort Worth. These are joined by Las Vegas, Nevada; Cleveland, Ohio; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and the Bronx, New York.

But it’s not enough to just enjoy the taste of beer. If you’re going to spend an evening stealing glances while clinking beer glasses, then there has to be a brewery or taproom nearby. A recent survey by Infogroup, which compared the wine- and beer-drinking preferences of consumers in major metropolitan areas, listed Portland, Denver, Grand Rapids, Seattle and Detroit as the cities with the most “beer business” per capita.

Lastly, before you can ride off into the sunset with your newly discovered beer-drinking soulmate, you need desire, because a city full of beer doesn’t do much good unless there are thirsty customers who want to drink it. OkCupid tapped its users once again to find out if their typical Friday night activities involve beer. Once again, Portland, Seattle and Denver were at the top of the list, with Houston, New York City and Atlanta on the bottom.

So, you want to date a beer drinker? Survey says: Head northwest (or download OkCupid no matter where you are to find someone who loves beer as much as you do).

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