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Three Floyds Alpha Klaus Is a Christmas Miracle

December 09, 2019

By Jerard Fagerberg, December 09, 2019

Alpha Klaus is the cousin of Three Floyds’ signature Alpha King pale ale. Boasting a perfect 100 on RateBeer, Alpha Klaus is the cool cousin who rides into Christmas dinner on a Harley—a seasonal porter brewed with chocolate malt, Mexican sugar, and American hops. Everyone in the family wants a piece of this silky renegade.


Black is usually a bad omen on Christmas morning, but nothing could be further from the truth with Alpha Klaus. Coal black and absolutely opaque, Alpha King is a stylish beer. A lot more stylish than the bottle, which was recently redesigned and features what looks like Wayne Static screaming at you from the label.


If you’ve ever opened a foil packet of Swiss Miss, you’ll recognize the smell of Alpha Klaus. Both share that dry, sugary cocoa scent—it’s like fresh baked biscotti. It’s a far cry from Alpha King’s resinous power, but the two share a birthright in their potency of their aromas.

This is Christmas, and no one should be arguing around the dinner table. So who am I to say that Three Floyds’ winter seasonal isn’t a 100?”


The mark of a good beer is that, when you drink it, it shuts you up. The first sip of Alpha Klaus is like putting on a layer of epoxy lip balm. It takes a moment of silence to interpret the depths of molasses malt and the sharp upturn into bitter, pine hops. The hop character is particularly beguiling, especially because Three Flyods writes the sensation off as the product of “a ton of strange American hops.” Cagey play, because it only invites more silence as you try to deduce just what lupulin buds are simmering below the fudgy surface.


This is Christmas, and no one should be arguing around the dinner table. So who am I to say that Three Floyds’ winter seasonal isn’t a 100? It has all the elements of a perfect beer: an alluring complexion, a mystical aroma, and a flavor that will stop you in your tracks. You only see this Christmas misfit once a year, and it never ceases to surprise and enthrall.

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