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We Want More of Untitled Art and Mikerphone’s Double Dry-Hopped IPA

July 01, 2019

By Tucker Anders, July 01, 2019

Wisconsin-based brewer Untitled Art is no stranger to strong collaborations—they’ve cranked out beer with the likes of TRVE and Yazoo—but its latest hazy IPA collab with Chicago’s Mikerphone is a true gem. The fourth edition of Untitled Art’s Double Dry-Hopped Juicy IPA turns the dial way up on the big melon flavor.


To me, the ultimate trait of a hazy IPA isn’t the low bitterness or big fruity hop flavor, it’s the appearance. Not just the namesake haze, but the billowing, foamy head, and light grabbing golden-orange color. Juicy IPA Version 4 ticks all the boxes, with a vibrant orange body and hefty foam cap. The can is just as eye-catching, with an abstract paint-splatter of primary colors.


Light, fluffy citrus and melon aromas waft from the glass. Double dry-hopping a beer can result in a harsh, vegetal aroma if not done properly. Luckily Untitled Art and Mikkerphone know what they are doing, and only the best of the fruit, grass, and earthy aromas remain. I keep coming back to melon as the dominant trait, which is pretty interesting for any beer—let alone a juice bomb.

Taking the first sip, only one thought enters my mind: I wish I had bought more.”


Taking the first sip, only one thought enters my mind: I wish I had bought more. Juicy IPA Version 4 is a refreshingly different take on the style, relying on complexity and execution rather than volume of flavor. That melon from the aroma makes its way back into each sip, complemented by pineapple and light citrus. The flavor plays so easily over a pillowy, soft body, which has just the right amount of carbonatation. I wish the fruit was a just a hint stronger and brighter, but at least this is a hazy IPA that stands out from the crowd.


There is something to be said for zigging when everyone else zags, and this collab does just that. Where most hazy IPAs are a do-it-yourselfer with a hammer looking for a nail, Juicy IPA Version 4 is a carpenter quietly plying his trade. The distinctive flavor profile lead by melon combines perfectly with the mellow mouthfeel to create a beer I haven’t come across much lately—a unique hazy IPA.

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