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Wandering Into the Fog Mosaic Is a Near-Perfect IPA

May 14, 2020

By Jerard Fagerberg, May 14, 2020

Pennsylvania’s Abomination Brewing is an odd case. Kickstarted as a “gypsy brewery” in 2017, Abomination has rented space in established facilities to make its genre-challenging beer. It signed a multi-state distribution deal in January and has only continued to expand its footprint.

Abomination had originally planned to open a dedicated brewery in early 2020, but those plans are on hold during COVID-19 quarantine. Until then, the beermakers from East Stroudsburg will rely on their flagship Wandering into the Fog, a serial IPA that showcases their mastery of hop varieties. A slew of new Wandering into the Fog variants just dropped, spreading Abomination’s footprint further west. The Mosaic iteration is a standout.

Anyone familiar with Jamba Juice will immediately recognize this double New England. Wandering into the Fog is murky, but it doesn’t go so far as to look pulpy. The head on top is glorious, like vanilla foam, and you can smell the aroma from across the room. It’s pure Mosaic seduction. One big inhale and you can taste dried mango on the back of your throat.

Wandering into the Fog is an exquisite, slow-drinking beer. Each pull is like a melted Creamsicle. There’s nothing delicate about it: You’re immediately overloaded with Tang levels of citrus. Even at an intimidating 8.6% ABV, drinking this one is as easy as picking a mango out the fruit bowl.

Even if you’re tired of juicy IPAs, give this Pennsylvania nomad a try. Wandering into the Fog is a hophead’s dream, striking very near to the ideal Mosaic-hopped beer. Abomination has ambled from brewery to brewery, tinkering with the many versions of Wandering into the Fog, and it may have stumbled close to perfection.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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