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Weekly Beer Releases for December 2nd to 8th

December 02, 2018

By October Staff, December 02, 2018

  • 12/3
    Goose Island's Fathomless

    This Baltic porter pours a deep ruby black and has a roasty aroma with subtle hints of molasses and dark fruit. On the palate, it has a balanced flavor profile with notes of bittersweet chocolate and tobacco.

  • 12/3
    Half Acre's Big Hugs

    Super-concentrated coffee from El Salvadorian beans enhances this imperial stout. At 10% ABV, it's smooth, balanced and easy to drink, with undertones of dark fruit and cocoa.

  • 12/3
    Hi-Wire collab with Zillicoah Beer Co.'s Irish Stout

    Brewed with North Carolina malt, this 4.5% ABV Irish stout doesn't lack for body or satisfyingly roasty chocolate notes.

  • 12/3
    Stone Brewing's Enjoy By 01.01.19

    This variant of the Enjoy By IPA series features innovative brewing techniques that give it a bright effervescence and a super-dry finish. Its refreshing notes of citrus and peach are perfect for the holiday season, but won't last too long.

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  • 12/3
    Firestone Walker's Krieky Bones

    A wild ale with high-toned cherry aromas, a nimble touch of spice, and a heady funk.

  • 12/7
    Revolution Brewing's Gravedigger Billy

    A bourbon barrel-aged Scotch ale with a delicate smokiness, this returning Revolution classic has a strong American oak and bourbon character.

  • 12/7
    Revolution Brewing's Ryeway to Heaven

    Bourbon and rye barrels work together to breathe life into this 14.5% ABV ryewine. The ample body suggests sweetness, but finishes smooth and dry with malt-and barrel-derived complexities.

  • 12/8
    Maine Beer Company's Dinner

    Intense notes of grapefruit, lemon and tropical fruit from four kinds of hops perfume this double IPA.

  • ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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