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Weekly Beer Releases, Sunday April 15th

April 15, 2018

By October Staff, April 15, 2018

  • 4/15
    Schlafly Hoppy Wheat

    Inspired by trips to the United States premium hop growing region, this unfiltered wheat combines two distinctly aromatic American hops sourced from the Yakima River Valley: Challenger for its fruity, floral profile and Mosaic for its earthy notes of pine and citrus.

  • 4/15
    Blue Point Macho Muchacho

    Macho Muchacho is a light bodied crisp lager brewed with agave nectar, Amagansett sea salt and fresh limes to pair perfectly with Cinco de Mayo.

  • 4/19
    Night Shift Brewing Nite Lite

    Night Shift is reimagining of the light lager with this unfiltered, unpasteurized, all-natural craft lager.

  • 4/20
    Magic Hat Brewing Company Big Hundo

    Extremely bitter with a dark-golden body and a heady American hop aroma, this Big 100 IBU IPA is among the most bitter beers out there.

  • Here's a sampling of the best beers being released in the coming week around the nation.

    All thanks to our releases team: Kyle Andrus (Canada), Nate Howard (California & Mountains), Jason Langendorf, (Pacific Coast), Kent Dolphay (Upper Mid-West), Jake Lampert (Lower Mid-West), Ken Goyette (North East Coast), Tucker Anders (Upper South) and Travis Campo (Deep South). Plus, Remo Remoquillo, creator of the header image. 

    Thanks, team!

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