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OctFest's Great Looking, Surfboard-Winning, Guitar-Shredding Stars

September 12, 2017

By Eno Sarris, September 12, 2017

The first annual OctFest is in the books, and it's time to give thanks. Thanks to all of the brewers, pourers, pickers, singers, servers, drinkers, dancers, grinners – thanks to everyone that came out last weekend in Brooklyn and had a smashing good time. 

One person will come away a winner, even.

Kona had a surfboard on site and gave out raffle tickets. If you're reading this now, and have one of the eight winning raffle tickets – with the numbers 8390407, 8390245, 8390281, 8390274, 8390226, 8390361, 8390422, 8390218, or 8390216 – be the first person to email info @ with a picture of your red raffle ticket and you will take home this awesome piece of wood. You have until midnight ET September 17th to claim your prize.

Get to your email, stat! 

All of us may feel like we came away with a prize other than the sweet etched glass OctFest goblet, anyway, though. From the moment the Sadies blasted the dust off the afternoon Saturday, the music was top-notch. They ran the gamut from their early days psycho billy to today's more complicated sound, and they had a little fun at the Hangar themselves. 

Matt FurmanYou play mine and I'll play yours.

Kilo Kish and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart gave performances that were both honest and fun, adding to the light feeling of the upstairs portion of the Hangar. You could dance while in line for Oskar Blues, Kona Brewing, and Camden Town beers, and many took full advantage of that fact.

Budweiser's Brewery Fresh approach had its fans – this author overhead an adamant friend imploring his friends to get a glass full of the crisp Bud. You could tell the pourers were enjoying themselves, too. The Radeberger Pils booth in particular was the scene of much dancing while dispensing. 

Matt FurmanRight from the brewery to your face.

OkCupid chipped in with a lively section where you could choose to put your picture, and some personal information, in the "Things I do When I'm Drunk" section, or the "Dealbreakers" section. With their free polaroids, the front corner was hopping. 

Downstairs was all about beer. Collective Arts from Hamilton, Ontario was busy all night. They don't get many of their beers to New York otherwise, so the crowd was thirsty to try. Lord Hobo suffered the same fate – Boomsauce was on the tip of many tongues. Singlecut was busy all day, to.

There was the battle of the Pumpkin Ales, as Blue Point and Schlafly both brought excellent examples of the style that led to much debate. Small Town Brewery completely ran out of their suite of Not Your Father beers, and they, along with Austin Eastciders, Citizen Cider, and Owl's Brew Radler, gave many blown palates a chance for a refresh. 

Matt FurmanA beer for every personality.

At some point we mostly all hurried upstairs for more killer music. Okkervil River and Built to Spill brought us into the headliners of the evening, Guided by Voices. As you can see from their set list, and the picture, they brought the house down with a mix of new and old. 

  • The Birthday Democrats
  • King 007
  • Motor Away
  • Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft
  • (Robert Pollard song)
  • Paper Cutz
  • Low Flying Perfection
  • Your Name Is Wild
  • 5 Degrees on the Inside
  • Jane of the Waking Universe
  • Steppenwolf Mausoleum
  • I Am a Scientist
  • I Am a Tree
  • Tenth Century
  • A Salty Salute
  • Cheap Buttons
  • It’s Food
  • Cut-Out Witch
  • Just to Show You
  • Gold Star for Robot Boy
  • Tractor Rape Chain
  • The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
  • Back to the Lake
  • Game of Pricks
  • Glad Girls
  • How Do You Spell Heaven
  • Saturday’s Child (The Monkees cover)
  • Baba O’Riley (The Who cover)
Matt FurmanWe are Guided into the night.

In the end, though, it was the people who came and laughed and talked and sang along and drank and ate and yelled, it was you that made this thing work. 

So, in your honor, a few more selects from Matt Furman's camera. Just you, being beautiful you. If you'd like to see more, we've created a gallery on our Facebook page.

Matt Furman
Matt Furman
Matt Furman
Matt Furman
ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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