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October Brings Junior Boys, How to Dress Well, and Kilo Kish to the Globe in Los Angeles

May 24, 2017

By Eno Sarris, May 24, 2017

After a hectic 2016 that saw them tour in Europe and all over the states, 2017 has been largely quiet so for for the Junior Boys. As they say on this writer's favorite track, Hazel:

When you can never feel at home
'Cause you've been off and away too long
And it's too much just to leave again
So you figured that you'll stay instead.

In honor of that sentiment, we're happy to announce that October is helping them stay put, at least on this continent, by bringing Junior Boys, along with How to Dress Well and Kilo Kish, to the Globe Theater in Los Angeles on June 30th at 10 pm. Kona Brewing will bring some liquid aloha downtown in an effort to keep us well lubricated. 

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All three bands are style-benders that live between the lines. You might call them electropop, but that doesn't quite get across how they begin with sometimes sparse but ethereal downtempo electronica, and then add elements of drum and bass, ambient, sometimes even eighties pop, and finish with hooks that run the gamut from upbeat to haunting. 

That's true if you're talking about Junior Boys, born of the minds of Jeremy Greenspan and Matt Didemus, or if you're chatting on How to Dress Well, the stage name for Tom Krell, or if you're trying to describe Kilo Kish, the stage name for Kish Robinson. That's not to say they make the same music, of course – How to Dress Well and Kilo Kish may be a little spookier and delicate against the Boys' catchiness – but they belong together in this show. 

Germany gets an assist! Krell studied in Germany and is writing a doctoral dissertation on nihilism and German philosophy in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, while Junior Boys have played often in Germany and even released a single on a German label in 2008. 

But while they both may have loved German beer, the beer in our cups will be from Hawaii. Kona promises a fun seasonal, their wide variety of easy drinkers, and even some Ommission for the gluten-conscious among us. Something for everyone, as they say.

It all makes sense in the end, though, just like those lyrics. It's the music in our ears, the people we're dancing with, and sometimes even the liquid aloha in our cup that reminds us of home, especially when we're at the show.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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