Kansas City, Missouri

After Boulevard Brewing Co. was acquired in 2013, it made room for Kansas City's locally owned breweries to find traction and their own niche.

Puerto Rico

Whether east, west, south, central, or right outside the San Juan metropolitan area, there is a craft brewery nearby—and only more to come.

Boise, Idaho

As the Idaho capital continues to grow, its craft brew scene has been keeping pace. Here's where to drink in Boise.

Baffin Island, Canada

A remote location and complex alcohol laws were just the beginning of Nunavut Brewing Company’s struggle to open.

Lisbon, Portugal

"We just want people who are normal to drink better beer," one Lisbon brewer says. "We brew beers especially for those people."

North Dakota

The Roughrider State is home to 19 breweries—20 if you count the one located on a private ranch.

Chicago, Illinois

Two years ago, five breweries decided to turn their neglected neighborhood into a craft beer destination.

Las Vegas, Nevada

From rooftop lagers to 3 a.m. happy hours, the beer never stops flowing in Vegas.

Traverse City, Michigan

In a state revered for its beer, Traverse City might just be the best getaway for beer lovers in Michigan.

Beirut, Lebanon

Mazen Hajjar started brewing 961 Beer from his kitchen during the Lebanon War in 2006.

Zacatecas, Mexico

Under the shadow of Grupo Modelo's massive brewery, Zacatecas is home to a thriving craft beer scene—but for the most part, it's Mexicans who visit there.

Manchester, England

In Manchester you will find a city that's worth returning to time and again to explore its astoundingly vigorous beer culture.

Bangalore, India

With deep-pocketed investors and a well-heeled population, Bangalore is an exciting place for the brewer as much as it is for the craft beer lover.

Wellington, New Zealand

With roughly 20 breweries, the hip, compact, and easily walkable city of Wellington, NZ is inarguably the craft capital of the entire Southern Hemisphere.

Tokyo, Japan

So you want to try some of the best of Tokyo's craft beer, ramen and izakayas, but you only have a weekend? We got you.

Miami, Florida

Why Pisco Sour Berliner weisses and fancy bread are the new calling card of Miami's arts district.

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Every turn of the Columbia River Gorge, on the border of Oregon and Washington, brings more natural beauty and even more phenomenal beer.

Austin, Texas

During the middle of March, Austin, Texas transforms into a playground of music, film, and technology. Unlike most playgrounds, this one has beer.

Oakland, California

San Francisco’s cooler, grittier cousin has a dozen breweries within the city limits, with a thirteenth set to open this spring.

London, UK

You can drink British beer in London, or your can tour the world with American-style hazy IPAs, extra-foamy Czech pilsners, and traditional German lagers.

Queens, NYC

From LIC to Flushing, here's an unconventional guide to drinking craft beer in some of the vibrant neighborhoods of NYC’s most diverse borough.

Vista, Califorina

One of California's riches beer destinations might just be tucked away 40-odd miles north of San Diego.

San Antonio, Texas

Formerly the largest brewery in Texas, Pearl's Brewhouse has slowly transformed into a bustling hub of restaurants, bars, a hotel, and more.

Seville, Spain

Until about a decade ago, if you were to ask for a beer at any bar in Seville, Cruzcampo would probably be the only option.

Houston, Texas

Beer meets art in Houston, where local craft breweries are a vital part of the local scene through their decor, label design, and proximity to public art.

Baltimore, Maryland

The breweries in and around Charm City are playing a big part in downtown Baltimore’s comeback.

Baja California Sur, Mexico

When Jordan Gardenhire opened Baja Brewing Company in 2007, there were zero craft breweries in Los Cabos.

Vilnius, Lithuania

The Lithuanian craft beer industry has been reeling from recent laws banning alcohol ads and installing a beer curfew, but Vilnius' beer scene is still booming.

Zurich, Switzerland

Despite its small size, Switzerland is home to one of the world's most diverse beer landscapes.

Metro Manila, Philippines

The best way to try the craft beers of the Philippines is in Metro Manila's Makati City for a Pob crawl—an island-hopping taste of Filipino food and drink.

Detroit, Michigan

When it comes to restaurants, bars and breweries in Detroit, the city is in the middle of a renaissance.


Alaska is a big state filled with even bigger beers, if you know where to look.

Denver, Colorado

As the home of the Great American Beer Festival, the Mile High City has endless ways to enjoy beers.

Pilsen, Czech Republic

For any beer connoisseur, a pilgrimage to Pilsner Urquell is less a journey, more an obligatory ritual.

High Point, North Carolina

"I don’t want to say wasteland, because it’s not that bad."

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City’s hometown beer paved the way for a local craft beer boom.

Charlottesville, Virginia

As Charlottesville comes to terms with its past and looks toward the future, breweries continue to hold a growing presence in the city’s cultural landscape.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The former epicenter of Philly's brewery boom has seen better days, but it's also a neighborhood on the rise.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bound by Belgium and Germany, there are at least two good reasons why you’ve heard so little about Holland’s craft beer scene.

Asheville, North Carolina

Food has become been an integral part of the craft beer world, and Asheville breweries are leading the way.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A Philadelphia native ventures across the state to see what the hype is all about...and drink beer.

Anaheim, California

IPAs on Pixar Pier and orange wheats in Hollywood Land with Local Native's Kelcey Ayer.

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

The farm produces 17,000 pounds of coffee annually, 3,000 of which become Pipeline Porter.

Chicago, Illinois

The four-mile, public transportation-friendly stretch boasts seven breweries and one distillery.

Lago Yojoa, Honduras

With little money and even less brewing experience, Robert Durrette opened one of the only craft breweries in Honduras.

Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley winemaker Elaine St. Clair just can’t stay away from beer.

Sonoma County, California

Sonoma County and the Napa Valley used to be beer deserts, but times are changing.

Long Island, New York

There’s a reason golf carts have cup holders.

Lviv, Ukraine

“This is our view and this is our beer and this is our label, so we do what we want.”

Los Alamos, New Mexico

Keep the beer away from the plutonium, please.

Atlanta, Georgia

Don't let the "narrow and unremarkable" entrance fool you, this place is legit.

Atlanta, Georgia

This once dry colony has become a beer-lover's paradise.

London, England

Live your best London life by bee-lining to the city’s most inimitable institutions for inebriation.

Hudson Valley, New York

New York's scenic escape is filled with delicious beer.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Don't gamble on crappy beer.

Sisters, Oregon

Behold the healing qualities of hops.

Chicago, Illinois

It's less Old Style and more IPA at Chicago's historic ballpark.

Boston, Massachusetts

It's oysters meets rare beer.

Appalachian Trail

How breweries along the Appalachian Trail satisfy thirsty hikers.

Antigua, Guatemala

In the shadow of a volcano, down narrow cobblestone streets, find the brewery that changing Guatemala's beer scene.

Stockholm, Sweden

A gypsy brewer and international airline team up to change the way we drink on airplanes.

New Orleans, Louisiana

"I usually tell everybody Louisiana's about nine years behind the rest of the country."

Copenhagen, Denmark

The city has 14 Mikkeller bars. How many can you visit in one weekend?

San Diego, California

A former Californian returns home to find a very different beer scene.

Richmond, Virginia

Come for the pho, stay for the Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien at one of the strangest, loveliest craft beer experiences in Virginia.

Richmond, Virginia

Spend the day drinking your way through the brewing epicenter of Richmond, Virginia.

Cincinnati, Ohio

It's a tale of reinvention, really.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

In town for the Big Game? Here's where to eat and drink.

Los Angeles, California

Beat the snow, beat it with beer.

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto's beer scene is now fully operational.

St. Louis, Missouri

If you've got a free moment, go here.

Upstate New York

Head upstate as soon as you can.


In which our writer takes on a continent.

Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler's residents are passionate about the mountain. And their beer.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Strange bicycling through Pittsburgh highlights how much the city has changed.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin's past and present produce three great spots to visit.

South Florida

Heading to Florida to see family? Hit these breweries when you get a hall pass.

Madison, Wisconsin

A forward-thinking beer scene embraces creativity while holding close to old world traditions.

Vancouver, Canada

What to drink in Vancouver, BC, the Pacific Northwest’s newest beer city

Chicago, Illinois

Take a trip through Chicago's history, crawl the loop.

Austin, Texas

Great music, great beer, great surroundings in Austin.

Cleveland, Ohio

An uneven brewing situation in Cleveland still has high points and upside.

Perth, Australia

Western Australia is remote and beautiful. The emerging beer scene is worth visiting.

St. Louis, Missouri

The Cardinals have one more home series left, and maybe more. Do it right.

Palm Springs, California

If you're silly enough to golf in Palm Springs in the summer, go early, and bring light beer.

Washington, DC

In town for a Nationals game down the stretch? Here's where to drink. And where not to.

Nashville, Tennessee

Sweating it out for two days in the hottest city in America.

Geneva, New York

The Finger Lakes are known for wine. They've got good beer, too, though.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids has turned itself into a food and beer destination.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston has great beer, and seafood. Here's a way to get the best of both.

Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand's craft beer scene has obstacles, but it's growing. Here's where to go.

Orlando, Florida

Headed to Orlando for family fun? Go to Epcot, drink your way around the world.

Los Angeles, California

We break down where the best combo food and beer spots are for LA's restaurant week.

Los Angeles, California

Going to the Dodgers game? We've got you covered for beer.

Boston, Massachusetts

For the nation's birthday, consider drinking your way through its birth story.

Portland, Maine

Go drinking (and hiking and eating and walking) in the Forest City, you won't regret it.

Greenpoint, New York

What used to be a remote part of Brooklyn has become a beer hub worthy of targeting.

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Hawaii, aka the Big Island, may seem huge. But when you look hard at your beer options, it becomes manageable.

New York, NY

Are New York’s oldest bars getting with the times? Or have they devolved into tourist traps? Both?