Beer: Helping People Have (More) Sex for Years

September 09, 2017

By Eno Sarris, September 09, 2017

Produced by October for OkCupid

Thanks to OkCupid, it can be easy to meet someone with or without beer. Thanks to OkCupid, we also know that liking the taste of beer can make you horny... even without the actual beer drinking.

On the OkCupid dating app, members that admitted to liking the taste of beer also indicated that they were more interested in having sex more frequently w/their partners once intimacy is established. 

It's important to point out that this is sex in a relationship we're talking about here. That old trope of the bad one-night stand, the walk of shame, and the regret hangover – that seems like old news these days. Today's dating public wants to make sure they've got a real connection with the person they're seeing. 

And then it's on.

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Of course, data is never this simple. There are always confounding factors – other ways to read the numbers, and other truths that that can break up the straight line between one seeming reality and another.

Consider the person that likes the taste of beer. It follows that they probably like to go drink beer in public, then, or that they are at least more likely to go out in public than the person who doesn’t like the taste of beer at all, right? Most public places for adults serve beer for this reason.

Like, this person who likes beer might go to OctFest in Brooklyn today to listen to music, and dance, and drink beer, and might meet someone. 

If you go out in public often, it follows that you probably meet people? You’re there, and they’re there, and the beer’s there… maybe that person that goes out in public has sex more often. And if you have sex more often, you probably want to have sex more often going forward. After all, sex is fun and fun is good. And you got used to it with all that going out and sex having.

There are a fair amount of assumptions in these descriptions, but that’s fine, we’re merely mapping out how correlation does not always equal causation. People like the taste of beer and those people like to have sex more often once they’re in a relationship, but one does not necessarily lead to the other, because the line between the two is long and complicated.

In other words, drink beer! Sure. Go out! Yes. Meet people! Why not.

Have sex more often? If you like.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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