This Week in Beer News: Kansas City-Style Hip-Hop Beer, Brewing in Palestine

May 12, 2018

By October Staff, May 12, 2018

What happened this week in the beer world? Well, while you were mulling over your third overpriced latte purchase of the week, Anheuser-Busch purchased 800 hydrogen-electric powered semi-trucks, among other things.

A Beer for Bou Lou

A beloved Kansas City brewery meets an iconic Kansas City rapper. Delicious beer-making ensues. Boulevard Brewing has collaborated with Tech N9ne to create an unfiltered wheat beer with coconut and pineapple, named after the rapper’s hit “Caribou Lou.” Bou Lou will be released at Boulevardia, an annual Kansas City street festival taking place on June 15 and 16. Among the lineup of performers is Manchester Orchestra, Bleachers and Tech N9ne, of course. Following the fest, the beer will be available in 4-packs of 16-ounce cans in select cities in Missouri. (The Kansas City Star)

Chicago by San Diego

In Chicago’s already booze-filled Fulton Market district, Ballast Point Brewing Company is about to opens its newest location. The 12,000-square-foot brewpub will do more than serve its signature Sculpin IPA—though they will certainly do that—but also beer-infused food items such as Baja-style fish tacos and habanero Sculpin IPA bratwurst. Ballast Point Tasting Room & Kitchen officially opens on May 15 at 212 N. Green St. Next on the agenda for Ballast Point: Another beer bar that will open in Disneyland later this year. (Ballast Point Brewing Company)

805 in the 312

Chicago is getting more than San Diego’s finest this month, it will also welcome Firestone Walker’s 805. The blonde ale was first brewed in 2012, supposedly in response to Goose Island Beer Company’s area code-inspired 312. The beer quickly became a California staple as well as a top 25 national craft beer brand, despite the fact that it was only distributed in California. That changed when the beer began being distributed to Texas in 2016 and the Pacific Northwest earlier this year. Rollout in Chicago begins on May 14 in draft and can, with six-pack and 12-pack cans to follow in July. (The Full Pint)

Brews on the Move

Anheuser-Busch has a new ride. Well, 400 new rides, but who’s counting? It didn’t just purchase any ole vehicle, it purchased 800 hydrogen-electric powered semi-trucks from Nikola Motor Company. These zero-emissions vehicles are capable of traveling 1,200 miles on a single tank, which can be refilled within 20 minutes. This is important, because Anheuser-Busch is not only one of the world’s largest beer producers, but also one of the world’s largest beer distributors. The purchase will help the company reduce its CO2 emissions by 25 percent by 2025. Expect to see the new tucks on the road in 2020. (Brewbond)

Meanwhile, In Palestine

Munchies has the scoop on Taybeh Brewery, a brewery located in Taybeh, the last all-Christian village in the West Bank. Its founder Nadim Khoury has overcome incredible challenges to bring his white beer infused with local orange and coriander to customers. These challenges include transporting beer across military checkpoints on donkeys. Despite this, the 18-year-old brewery now distributes to Japan, Germany and the United States. (Munchies)

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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