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Dark Truth Stout

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Boulevard's Dark Truth Fits the In-Between Season

April 10, 2017

By William Helzlsouer, April 10, 2017

The new season has arrived, yet it feels as if what was our wonderfully mild winter has only broken into a dreary wet spring. Around here, warmer days are besieged by a gray soaking rain as of late. The flowers have yet to bloom. The trees remain bare sticks. Only a few ambitious birds have come to sing.

Similarly, the craft beer industry's revelation of reaching a fantastic peak of 5,000 breweries in America last year has been dampened. We hear of layoffs in an industry previously thought immune, upticks of closures that were once rarely seen, and 5,000 breweries continue to balloon beyond 5,300 in spite of flat overall growth, which will slice some pieces of pie more thinly.

You could say that sunny irrational exuberance is setting into a darker shade of reality.

When the equinox starts the tilt in our favor, breweries sprout crisp and lighter ales out of the earthy vestiges of stouts and winter warmers. These lighter beers are always welcome as I believe beer tastes best when with the sun warming your face.

Yet, here I sit with an aphotic imperial stout, shut in from the drizzle.

A spicy note of rye provides a twist that reflects off the typical vanilla notes but never clashes.”

Dark Truth Imperial Stout is part of Boulevard Brewing Co.'s Smokestack Series; their bigger, bolder beers meant for sipping. In this it delivers. It is a deep, inky beer properly within the style.

The beer poured slowly into the tulip glass, turning it black and filling the air with a nose of espresso. There are dark fruit flavors up front that slowly turn to richer, deeper coffee flavors. A spicy note of rye provides a twist that reflects off the typical vanilla notes but never clashes. The very long, dry, and smokey finish of roasted malts offsets the generally thinner-than-I-like body. Dark Truth only appears to lie about the 9.7% alcohol by volume, because I could never find it.

This beer used to be packaged as a cork and cage 750 mL but now can be had in a standard 12 oz. bottle. This means you don't have to share. You can pry it open and sip while pondering in solitude.

You might even sip it while looking out on a wet cloudy day, writing and hoping for sunny days ahead.



ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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