Drink at Independence Brewing, You Might Hear Anything

May 13, 2017

By Eno Sarris, May 13, 2017

Walk into Independence Brewing in Austin, Texas, and you might hear anything. "And when I say that, it's really anything," laughs brewer Max Saballett. His own roots took him to Texas from San Diego, so naturally when he gets control of the music, it's... Britney Spears. I laughed, he dug in, used to it: "She's an artist, man." 

A little good-natured ribbing spread around the group. "I used to get into trouble all the time because I would play Sublime and Skrillex," said Raffi Vega, who transititioned from the back of the brewery to the front recently. Sounds like a few of his coworkers were happy when he had to spend more time in the office. 

Pat Young plays in a few bands – "I just play rock and roll, man," he said understatedly – and he'll put on anything that fits the description. Which includes country. 

So yeah, it really does sound like anything. And that pairs well with their beer selection.

Their Power & LIght is an easy and refreshing Cascade pale ale, Stash IPA is all tropical and pine, their Oatmeal Stout is smooth and capable of soothing a burning throat, the Redbud Berliner Weisse is bright and tart, and The Illustrated Man is a kettle sour brewed with blackberries, raspberries, and boysenberries that has the depth of any dark sour. 

So, ready yourself. Anything could happen. 

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