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Having a Beer With…Pitchfork Music Festival’s 2018 Headliners

February 28, 2018

By October Staff, February 28, 2018

Who just watched three uninterrupted hours of letters being painted on a wall? Don’t lie. Yesterday, the excitement for Pitchfork Music Festival was palpable, with the team taking over the mural outside of Chicago’s the Violet Hour to announce the first wave of musicians performing at the 2018 festival. And live-streaming it all over the internet.

In anticipation of this year’s throw-down in Union Park—happening July 20th through 22nd—our heads are spinning with artists who might just be game to sit down and have a beer with October. Last year, Chicago fan favorite NE-HI and modern punk icon Jeff Rosenstock shared pints with our staff. This year, maybe it will be Tame Impala’s turn.   

So, October staff, who would you like to have a beer with at Pitchfork?

“I want to sit down with DRAM. I mean, c'mon, DRAM is like the happiest person alive. He's always smiling. His raps are exciting and jubilant. He'd probably love to kick back and sip a slightly tart hefeweizen—a style traditional to his birthplace, Germany—and a beer from his home state of Virginia. The Veil Brewing Co.'s Braühaüsenweisse is a wildly refreshing hefe that'd be perfect for mid-July.”  — Evan Malachosky

“(Sandy) Alex G's latest record was an exploration of ambiguous indie-rock. Therein lies psychedelia, folk, country and many other genres molded into an untethered record with focused intent. I would want to sit down and discuss his obscure form of storytelling. The beer would have to match the uniqueness of the artist, something along the lines of Off Color's Apex Predator.”  — Jerry Cowgill


“Japandroids. The band hails from Vancouver and I think we could have a conversation around Lucky Lager, the quintessential beer of choice for Canadian punks, with a long history of brewing in British Columbia.”  — Allison Sinkweicz


“Raphael Saadiq has been making a resurgence the past couple years, contributing most notably to Solange's last album and doing the soundtrack to HBO's Insecure. He's on record as being a hefeweizen fan, so I'd choose a Spaten Franzikaner.”  — Dan Gentile


"I'd love to drink a Triple Crossing Brewing Company's Falcon Smash—our mutual hometown's staple IPA—with Lucy Dacus. Her music is funny and frank, and she's a fellow Richmond-er, so she probably has great taste in beer.”  — Stephanie Stanton


"I'm going with Kelela on this. Her sound and aesthetic are so precise and put together—I'd love to know what she's like while just kicking back having a beer. I'd choose a saison—complex and effervescent like her music—for the interview. Bluejacket's Lucky Man would be ideal, as it's brewed in her hometown of Washington DC." Katie Bain


"Who isn't crushing on Ravyn Lenae? The 19-year-old R&B singer will greet her hometown Chicago crowd at Pitchfork fresh off touring with SZA and dropping her third EP, Crush. What does one drink with the freshest voice in neo-soul? Revolution's Sun Crusher, also Chicago-born and perfect for soulful summer nights with a citrusy hops kick. And a non-alcoholic Orange Crush for Ravyn, of course." — Jessica Mlinaric


"I’d love to have a beer with Kevin Parker, and save the Tame Impala singer from having to talk about psych-rock or the Beatles for a second. As for what we’d be drinking, I’d probably take him to Whiner Beer Company's South Side taproom so he could savor the mixed fermentation masterpieces and barrel-aged beasts they specialize in…and Western Australia largely lacks.” Andrew Parks


Will dreams come true? Stay tuned for our continued Pitchfork coverage and purchase tickets to Pitchfork Music Festival today.

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