How to Drink Beer and Save the Earth at the Same Time

April 21, 2018

By October Staff, April 21, 2018

Produced by October for Golden Road Brewing, 10 Barrel Brewing, Blue Point Brewing Company and Karbach Brewing Company.

Beer is an indulgence, and we’re not here to tell you otherwise (except that one time). Whether you’ve had one or more-than-one, pairing beer with dinner instead of, say, a glass of water is the less healthy choice. But what if you could drink beer and feel good about drinking beer? Instead of doing something good for your body, you’re doing something good for the planet. Birds start singing, the clouds part and, suddenly, it’s just you and your beer saving the world. Ok, maybe it won’t be that dramatic, but these eight Earth Day-approved beers are the next best thing. 

Golden Road Brewing’s Heal the Bay IPA

What started our as a simple summer sipper, turned into much for for Golden Road and its founder Meg Gill. Gill, a surfer, was drawn to environmental advocacy non-profit organization Heal the Bay, after seeing the results of its cleanup efforts on a beach in Santa Monica. The organization has been doing just that for 33 years, by mobilize beach cleanup efforts and educating communities about smart water consumption. Now, Gill is a Heal the Bay board member and there’s a refreshing IPA in its honor, which helps continue that mission by donating a portion of proceeds from brewery sales to keep California’s beaches clean.

New Belgium Brewing’s Hemperor HPA

The beer is legal is 49 of the 50 states. Sorry Kansas, no hemp beer for you. New Belgium is taking advantage of hemp’s hop-like herbal qualities in a new and, frankly, dank pale ale. The Colorado brewery is leading the charge in promoting hemp as a profitable crop for American farmers, and one that can be used in a variety of industries, from apparel to infrastructure. One dollar from every barrel of Hemperor HPA sold is donated to Hemp 4 Victory in support of its goal to raise awareness and promote pro-hemp legislature.

10 Barrel Brewing’s Trail Beer

10 Barrel is the latest brewery to tap into the growing hiking-while-drinking-beer market. Trail Beer is a low-ABV pale ale with notes of pine that pairs perfectly with a crisp winter day or cool summer night. To keep those season, well, seasonal, 10 Barrel has partnered with climate protection advocates Protect Our Winters and Outdoor Alliance’s Protect Our Public Lands initiative to donate 1% of Trial Beer sales. Beyond that, the brewery worked with nature photographers to create the can art.

Blue Point Brewing Company’s Honey Robber

In case you haven’t heard of the National Honey Board, allow this to be your formal introduction. It's basically the PR company of bees, making sure you know about all the benefits and uses for honey, while also noting that it’s an agricultural product at risk—along with one-third of the U.S. population's diet that is made up of insect-pollenated plants—as the bee population continues to decline. Support the bees with this cream ale made with sustainable honey via the National Honey Board.

Peak Organic Brewing Co.’s Spring IPA

When brewer Jon Cadoux decided to open his own brewery in 2006, he went about it a little different. Instead of utilizing mass-market suppliers, he turned to local, organic farmers for his hops and grains. Staying true to his belief that better ingredients make better beer, the Portland, Maine brewery has helped reboot the nearby hop industry. These hops are showcased in beers such as the Spring IPA with Calypso and Citra hops.

Smart Beer’s Organic Golden Ale

Marketed as New York’s first organic beer company, Smart Beer is catering to the Whole Foods-loving, gym-going market with its duo of golden-labeled brews. Its founder Gabriel Heymann is a certified yoga instructor, on the board of directors of the Rockland Farm Alliance and has been a vocal supporter of the non-GMO movement since he founded the company in 2015. You too can jump on the clean-living bandwagon with Smart Beer’s golden ale or more recently released IPA.

Karbach Brewing Company’s Tasty Waves

Like many breweries do when faced with a natural disaster on their home-front, Karbach assessed the damage done by Hurricane Harvey, which displaced many of their employees in August 2017, and went to work helping its community. The Houston brewery introduced Tasty Waves, a summer ale brewed with passion fruit, sea salt and orange peel, which benefits the Coastal Conservation Alliance of Texas.

SweetWater Brewery’s 420 Extra Pale Ale

It’s difficult—or downright impossible—to make beer without water. Sweetwater is well aware of this fact, which is why the Atlanta, Georgia brewery’s Save Our Water initiative will donate $100,000 to five different water conservation initiatives this summer. How can you help them do this? Buy some swag, such as a Rep Your Water trucker hat or a Save Our Water pint glass, or just keep drinking its beers, such as the 420 extra pale ale.

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