Lagunitas’ New Hopped Sparkling Water Is Spiked with THC, More Beer News

June 30, 2018

By Sarah Freeman, June 30, 2018

Our top story this week has surprisingly little to do with beer. Instead, we take a little sidestep into the world of sparkling water, where Lagunitas Brewing Company has introduced its newest product: Hopped sparkling water infused with cannabis.

Lagunitas Cannabis Water

The next evolution of cannabis-infused beverages might just be sparkling water that gets you high. At least, that’s what Lagunitas Brewing Company is putting its money on, with a new “hoppy sparking water” infused with THC called Hi-Fi Hops. The new product, which hits shelves today, comes in two varieties. The first features a combination of 5 mg THC and 5 mg CBD and the other is made with 10 mg THC. The flavor comes from the addition of hops, which gives the beverage a floral and fruit-like quality with some lavender and grapefruit notes. The product, as you might expect, is only available at select dispensaries in California. (Lagunitas)

Real Florida Juice Bombs

Is it orange juice or beer? In the case of Wicker Barley Brewing Company, it’s both. The Jacksonville, Florida brewery has announced a partnership with Natalie’s Organic Juice Company to create true juice bomb IPAs and shandies. The partnership will result in two collaborative beers. The first is Natalie’s Blood Orange IPA and the second is School in the Summertime, a American wheat beer shandy made with organic lemonade. (The Full Pint)

The Other Champagne of Beers

Earlier this month, Beck’s released a video that might make you check the calendar. It is, in fact, late-June and not April 1st. The video, which introduces the German brewery's new champagne flute-shaped can, is very much real. In an attempt to encourage drinkers to consider drinking Beck’s at their next “classical concert” or “exclusive private and public event,” the brewery is packaging the popular pilsner in a brushed aluminum cans, engraved by a laser and dubbed “Le Beck.” With the new packaging, Beck’s takes aim at a more sophisticated audience for the fourth most popular beer in Germany. Good luck with that. (The Takeout)

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